Monday, April 19, 2010

Michael Ignatieff: time to fish or cut bait

The fact that Michael Ignatieff apparently believes that the current federal Conservatives and our military leaders condone torture, that Canada’s military has participated in a murder in Afghanistan and that the Conservative party has connections to organized crime is more than sufficient for him to vote the current government out of office.

Mr. Ignatieff has accused the government of all three of these nefarious deeds and has called for a public inquiry into the first two. If he is serious about his concern, why won’t he defeat the government and, after winning the next election, order a public inquiry of his own. After all, either these are serious misdeeds of the sort Canadians will not stand for, or he is blowing smoke and misleading us.

Ignatieff and the New Democrats cannot have it both ways—they have the power to defeat the government and take their allegations to the Canadian voters, so they should either cool off or pull the plug on the Tories.

Could his inaction indicate he doesn’t believe he can convince Canadians of the truth of his irresponsible allegations?

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  1. aah yes, but having it both ways is what it is all about - after all, the "thinkers" conference produced zilch, so much better to concentrate on the minutae of sleaze innuendo, and hope nobody notices
    that the MSM goes along with this sham is our real problem - most Canadians are just not aware

  2. Since the Iggomaniac seems intent on having a whipped vote on the long gun registry, perhaps now is the time for the PM to make this a vote of confidence. I would like to see the opposition explain why they can't get sufficient support from their own members to defeat the bill without forcing their parliamentarians to vote against it.