Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ignatieff barking up the wrong tree

The latest political public opinion poll from EKOS shows—as other polls have—that Canadians are not buying what the Grits under Michael Ignatieff are trying to sell. EKOS1 shows their third place in British Columbia, a poor second in Alberta and Saskatchewan/Manitoba and a second place in the Atlantic provinces was too much to be overcome by a slim lead in Ontario and a more substantial one in Quebec, the Liberals traditional stronghold.

Here’s a quick summary of the national results:

Conservatives: 31.7 (+0.3)
Liberals: 27.1 (-1.9)
NDP: 16.3 (-0.1)
Green: 12.6 (+1.5)
Bloc Quebecois: 9.5 (+0.7) (38.4 (+3.7 in Quebec)
Other: 2.7 (-0.6)
Undecided/ineligible: 13.6 (+0.9)

At this point in their history, can the Liberal Party of Canada even be considered a national party? Their support is solid in the large urban centres of Montreal and Toronto, but do they have real power centres elsewhere in the country?

The strength of the Tories seem more evenly spread across the country. Even in Quebec, they are showing 13.8 per cent, four points higher than the New Democrats and less than nine behind the Grits. With the strangle hold the Bloc have on Quebec politics, the three federal parties are left to fight over about 60 per cent of the pie.

1EKOS surveyed 2,084 people by telephone between April 14 and April 20. The poll is considered accurate to within plus+ or - 2.15 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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  1. The fun part of this story is that a week ago Graves looked at one single poll and declared the beginning of a trend that had jump started a moribund electorate into anger.

    One week later, it was instead a "flash in the pan"

  2. If you can say Canadians are not buying Ignatieff, then you have to add that they are really not buying Harper and his culture of deceit either.

    Harper has and uses all of the powers of government and big deficit-inducing spending for his partisan gain. The economy is picking up. He has been carrying out an ad campaign against the Liberals. He gets to show up for publicity photo ops. He forces our troops to act as props for his nice photo ops.

    And yet he is at only 31% of the polls.

    The media spends most of its time rejoicing over the Liberal problems. So we have a pretty good sense of what is going flat there.

    But what is wrong with the Conservatives? Why are they doing so badly?

    Canadians are so poorly poorly served by their jokes of leaders.

  3. We just came thru 'the great recession' Ted.
    Look around the world and see how other leaders and their parties are fairing.

    The Libs should be soaring in the polls under the circumstances....but they are not.
    High unemployment, a war that is grinding on the nerves, non-stop faux scandals.....Libs numbers are still in the toilet.

    AG report comes out, and the focus is on spending, not mismanagement of taxpayers money.
    What a welcome change from the Liberal party of deception and theft, eh Ted.

  4. well if the truth be told voters are not deceived by the liberal culture of corruption and fraud ADSCAM taxpayers money STOLEN


  5. Yes Ted take your head out of your ass and see the real world.We as a nation are the envy of the world.When the Liberals were in power,money was stolen,not 10 or 15 dollars TED Millions upon millions and perhaps if it were investigated further (which i hope it is) BILLIONS.How else can these Liberal media survive ???None of this money has ever been paid back Ted,where did it go??Why can the Liberals not pay their debts from their leadership convention???The Liberals had our armed forces going abroad with pea shooters and having to hitch rides to get anywhere.PM Harper has made the Canadian forces proud again and the Liberal-NDP ass holes are trying to smear them and ruin their reputation abroad and at home.A more sickening opposition has never before been seen in Canada.And i hope for Canada's sake that we will never see their likes again.They (the opposition) do not deserve to be called Canadians.So Ted you can come out into the real world or put your head back up your Liberal ass for all to see and laugh at.GO PM HARPER,lets get on to an election so we can drive the nail into the Liberal-NDP coffin, for they certainly deserve to be wiped off the electoral map for what they are trying to do in such a sleazy,cowardly way.

  6. Wilson:

    Once again caught making things up. Standard fare in conservative's culture of deceit.

    Face it, Canadians may not be ready let the Liberals out of the penalty box just yet, but they sure don't trust Harper either.

    Harper is doing worse than pretty much every other leader and yet Canada did so much better during the recession.
    - the conservative/right wing Merkel in Germany is a part of a coalition in a pizza parliament competing with way more parties and they fared worse than Canada in the recession yet her party is doing better than the Conservatives and only her coalition partners have lost support.
    - the conservative/right wing Sarkozy has only just in the last few weeks dropped down to Harper level, but we can all probably admit that his whole presidency has been a bit of a disaster which has nothing to do with the economy or left/right issues and this drop is overdue. Still, it is only now that he falls to Harper level and that is the lowest Sarkozy has ever been.
    - Gordon Brown was even doing better than Harper before the election campaign for pete's sake! As of last week he was polling above where Harper is now despite a disastrous term and a far worse election. And only after Clegg became a viable alternative after the debate in yesterday's poll for the first time has he dipped below Harper.
    - unlike Harper Obama's approval numbers are on the way up and he has the support of about 44% of voters which is his lowest.

    And Harper's job approval ratings and support for the direction he is taking the country keep dropping, even as we pull out of the recession.

    So while the Liberals should be concerned, the Conservatives should be panicky. Why after all those millions taxpayer dollars on Conservative promotion ads, millions of Conservative donors' dollars on non-election negative attack ad campaigns, a recovering economy, a weak opposition leader... why is the PM still so low in the polls and so poorly supported or liked by Canadians?

  7. Iggy is the 'flash in a pan.' (real conservative)