Thursday, April 29, 2010

Harper still leads in new EKOS poll

The research firm EKOS, has released a new poll exclusively to CBC News today. The poll1 shows the Tories still in the lead with 31.9 per cent support among decided voters, and the Liberals slipping back to 26.6 per cent, while the New Democrats are up to 17.6 per cent.

Last week’s poll showed the Conservatives at 31.7 per cent, the Liberals 27.1 per cent and the NDP 16.3 per cent.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s approval continues to slide to unhealthy lows, with only about 20 per cent of respondents thinking that he is doing a good job.  About a third agree PM Stephen Harper is doing a good job, this despite the daily mainstream media campaign to discredit him.

Always nice to see that the Tories are hanging in there and that so many Canadians still appreciate the sound job they are doing to navigate the stormy waters of a global economic downturn.

I’m also gratified to see that so many believe, as I do, that the Liberals made a major mistake when they appointed Michael Ignatieff to lead their party. Surely even the most partisan Grit must see that and have some sense of embarrassment when the LPC continues to try to sell Canadians that the man is prime minister material.


1Apparently, EKOS queried 2,303 people by phone between April 21 and April 27. The main voter-intention results are considered accurate to within two percentage points, 19 times out of 20.


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  1. Mikey is toast. Its the media I wanna see get taken down several notches. (real conservative)

  2. HArper has only a slight lead but he has lost support that he previosuly had. The lesson is that the divisive wedge politics that Harper plays is spiralling both the Libs and Cons around the drain. That is not leadership. Harper is a destructive partisan and he is damaging our country.

  3. The liberals are not partisan?? What planet do you live on anyways? (real conservative)

  4. Check out the Leger poll, 36% to 25% for our side.

  5. Why do you blog owners continue to allow anonymous cowards to comment.????

  6. Bettie, why do you comment anonymously? You provide no information about youself in your profile and use only a first name. Does this make you a coward?