Friday, April 23, 2010

Cover blown: Frank Graves

It is always embarrassing to have your cover blown, especially when it occurs in the national media. CBC-EKOS pollster Frank Graves is learning this big-time. One can only hope our publicly financed Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is also feeling a twinge of discomfort over the “outing” of their political numbers man.

Many of us who follow the polls have long supposed that Graves is a Liberal Party of Canada insider, though he may not be a card-carrying member. His poll results always seem to have the LPC closer to the front-running Conservatives than other polls that I read. So I’m not surprised to hear that he has clearly shown (here and here) himself to be a Grit, even though he wants to give the impression he’s unaffiliated politically. (You may also want to read Joanne’s take on this over at Blue Like You.)

I used to assume that a public broadcaster and its pollster should be scrupulously objective and should strive to avoid any appearance of political bias. How old fashioned, eh? A billion dollar tax subsidy, I believed, should buy, at least, a modicum of objectivity; but it seems that’s just too much to ask for. Pity, because Canadians need an honest broker who can help us make sense of the erratic political course on which our country seems to have embarked. Chalk one up to naiveté.

To me this smacks of collusion to further the ends of the Liberal party: if it smells like a skunk, walks like a skunk and has a black and white striped back, one can be pretty certain it is a skunk. And Canadians are the losers.


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  1. If the credibility of the CBC is diminished then it is more difficult for them to justify current funding. (real conservative)

  2. I couldn't care less whether Frank Graves is a Liberal. But when he advises the Liberal Party to divide Canadians against one another for political gain, he's made his true colours perfectly well known.

    He's a dangerous, dangerous ideologue. We'll have to treat him accordingly.

  3. "Cover Blown"
    Now that's an excellent description of him pulling the pin and throwing it rather than the...KABOOM!!

    A real, live, Wile E Coyote he is!

    Beep Beep.........