Saturday, April 24, 2010


Acts of courage are always admirable, even when displayed by ones political opponent. I was reminded of this recently when I heard Liberal MP and former premier of British Columbia, Ujjal Dosanjh, speak out about Sikh extremism in Canada and the political correctness that allows it to flourish in the name of diversity.

Ordinarily, one would hear this and accept it as one man’s opinion. But in this case history tells us Mr. Dosanjh’s words were an act of extreme bravery, for similar words earned him a savage beating in Vancouver in 1985 when he spoke out against religious violence. At that time he also said Canadian multiculturalism has allowed extremism to take root in Sikh and other ethnic communities. In 1999 his constituency office was firebombed. And earlier in April this year he was threatened with bodily harm if he attended the annual Vaisakhi Parade held in Surrey, B.C.

I saw a photograph of Mr. Dosanjh while he was recovering from his 1985 beating—it was not a pretty site.

Thank, God, Canada is blessed with such men.


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  1. Yes, he is right on

    However, his egregiously BAD performances on detainees taints him beyond hope.

  2. Absolutely. As opposed as I am to the Liberals, and Dossanjh, I have to say, "Kudos to Ujjal Dosanjh for actually telling it like it is. Good on you, UD".