Thursday, April 29, 2010

According to Newstalk 1010’s John Moore, conservatives don’t know what kids see on the Internet

I’m a bit late writing about this, but tax season is upon us and, with the major deadline at hand, it was my main priority this week. On Tuesday, Newstalk 1010 morning host John Moore had an opinion piece1 in the National Post that pretty well condemns Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s decision to shelve the proposed changes to sex-education in our public schools.

It seems to me that there is an influential element in Ontario society, based primarily at Toronto, who believe that teachers and childcare workers are better equipped to teach our children about sex, gender differences and morality. They lobby relentlessly for parents to abdicate their responsibility to educate their children about moral and sexual issues and leave it to strangers to do so.

According to Moore, Premier McGuinty “shelved a perfectly reasonable sex-education pedagogy,” because of “public hysteria fomented by a previously powerless coalition of religious culture warriors.”

So ripe with self-righteous indignation is John Moore that he, apparently, can’t think straight. He concludes his essay with this dire warning:

“When parents truly realize what their kids are up to these days, they may find themselves wishing for the simplicity of an educator who doesn't blush at the word ‘vagina’ working from a professionally developed pedagogy in an old-fashioned class room.”

For a start, Moore insults millions of parents who do, in fact, “truly realize what their kids are up to these days.” Most parents are not idiots and do tailor their answers to children’s questions knowing full well what they are able to find on the Internet. And parents I know do not “blush at the word ‘vagina’,” as is suggested by Mr. Moore.

Moore writes:

“Conservatives are fooling themselves if they think their kids aren’t Twittering and Googling words like ‘anal’, ‘oral’ and ‘masturbation.’ Try it yourself and see what comes up. Then get your computer scrubbed.”

I see, conservatives are self-delusional. Which conservatives? Every single last one of them? Do only progressives like Mr. Moore have the intellectual capacity to know what is available for kids to find on the Internet? Give me a break!

Just because certain information is available on the Internet through Twittering and Googling does not mean—as Moore is suggesting—that it is suitable material to be taught in our public schools. What a silly, simplistic notion.

Among my friends and acquaintances, I number many liberals and others who are not “religious culture warriors”—as Moore labels those opposed to this misguided curriculum change. Many of them agree with me, an agnostic, that there is nothing “perfectly reasonable” about public school teachers teaching little pre-teen children about sexual orientation and identity or about erections, wet dreams and vaginal lubrication. That’s their parents’ job.

Parents know their children and can best decide how and when to introduce such issues to their loved ones. And the state and its teachers should butt out.

1Full text of John Moore’s essay here.


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  1. Why is it that people who have no kids, like Moore, seem to know best how to raise them.

  2. I've often wondered the same thing, Anon 12:01 PM.

  3. Moore is just another elitist progressive windbag who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He calls himself a libertarian but doesn't seem to know what it means. If he were truly a libertarian he would be advocating parental choice not an even more dictatorial school system. I for one don't send my kids to school to be sensitized to others feelings. They are there to learn the three R's. The rest I can teach myself.

  4. Mr. Moore's level of intellect was well displayed during his "Jeopardy" appearance a couple of years back.

  5. He reminds me of Svend Robinson who displayed hissy-fits when someone challenged Svend's version of reality which often forced people to hold up a mirror and ask if it's THEM with the skewed perception of the actaul facts.
    He did a interview with a Pro-Taliban youth about his "Toronto-18" arrests that was a Racist based round-up by the Police and CSIS.
    Moore doesn't have a clue that the Jihadists will behead the Elite/smug/liberals like him first once they are allowed to gain power if Canada doesn't wake up to the Creeping Shariah Law being enabled by the likes of the NDP and HRC's that have redefined "Racism" to include someones Faith if the Faith is the PC flavour of the year.

  6. What are liberals going to teach the kids to do? be gay? You know that is what is driving this agenda. They want obscure sexuality to be pushed from day one in order to 'legitimize it.' That is the leftist's agenda for sure. (real conservative)