Friday, March 26, 2010

Unappreciated sacrifice of our military heroes by progressives

During the Stephen Harper years we have seen a steady improvement in the financing and general support Canadians have given our armed forces. A welcome turnabout from the careless disregard shown by the former governments of  John Chrétien and Paul Martin.

Many readers will remember how under-equipped our soldiers were when first they were deployed by the Liberal government of the day to Afghanistan to fight a ferocious and determined enemy. The Canadian contingent lacked , transport aircraft, heavy-lift helicopters, armored transport trucks, battle tanks, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), artillery guns, and mine-resistant armoured personnel carriers—all of which were essential to a successful mission.

Notwithstanding these glaring gaps in their equipment and armour, a Liberal, so-called progressive, government sent Canadian soldiers off to a foreign land to be killed and maimed. To date, 141 have died and, as of the end of December 2009, 529 were listed as wounded in action. An unforgivably careless disregard for the lives and safety of our men and women.

Our soldiers, though, did not falter in any of their extensive combat missions and were successful in every major tactical battle against the Taliban enemy. So spectacularly successful have they been that many Liberals and even some New Democrats go out of their way to show they appreciate those who serve in Afghanistan and honour those who have lost their lives there.

There are many progressives, however, to whom military sacrifice is stain on our national reputation. Take the 16 University of Regina professors who drafted an open letter to university’s President Vianne Timmons stating their concerns that—as Jeffrey Webber, political science teacher and one of them said—a scholarship program offered to dependents of fallen Canadian soldiers “… is a glorification of Canadian imperialism in Afghanistan.”

The program to which these progressives object is called, Project Hero. It provides financial aid for children of Canadian Forces personnel who have lost their lives while serving in an active mission. Here is more of what Jeffrey Webber is reported to have said (WARNING: reading this will make you feel sick to your stomach):

"It’s about associating heroism with the military intervention of Afghanistan"

"We think it's aligning a public university—without any consultation with its students or staff, or the broader community—with support for this war."

“The name ‘Project Hero’ has dangerous cultural underpinnings, implying that Canada's military activity in Afghanistan is ‘heroic.’ We disagree with that. We think it's a military occupation of a sovereign country. It's not the position of the university administration to take a position in favour of this war."

There you have it. I’m sick at the mere thought that creatures such as these are free to teach our children such garbage. Anti-war propaganda gone mad.

Woolly thinking, muddleheaded, anti-military professors at the University of Regina, anti-free speech administrators at the University of Ottawa, anti-Israeli/Jewish allsorts at York and Ryerson universities:  this is a sample of what we get for our tax-subsidies to Canadian universities.

Not content with wanting to eradicate conservative values on campuses, some of our university teachers want to deny scholarships to the children of our fallen heroes. They even believe that there are “dangerous cultural underpinnings” to “implying that Canada's military activity in Afghanistan is ‘heroic’.” Shameful!

Think about how many members of our armed forces died in the Second World War so that these pitiful excuses for humans can now have the freedom to spew their anti-military propaganda on our campuses. Those fallen heroes must be turning in their graves.

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  1. I agree and believe that those progressives owe the military and the people tier resignations. If not offer, they should be fired.Far too long we the people have allowed our money to pay these subversive, anti-freedom destroyers of Canadian values and Canadian heroes. Force them off the public payroll permanently. Let them peddle their bile to those willing to pay for it. Entrepreneurial capitalism needs to respond.

  2. You will feel a lot sicker when you watch his interview with Tom Clark on Power Play>

  3. Not to mention the women who struggled for women's rights. These people don't care about the women of Afghanistan.

  4. D'ya think if these fine universities (yes, sarcasm mode is on) were forced to live off tuition fees, donations and endowments, the marginal intellects holding tenure in the woolly-headed departments would last long? I find it incomprehensible that 16 professors would be so disconnected from reality as to put forth this garbage. And to think these over-educated morons are teaching the young 'uns. I can't quite decide where to begin deconstructing their idiocy. On the other hand, events of the last few days have clearly indicated which Canadian universities are clearly third-rate, or to use Ann Coulter's quip: bush league. As long as anyone with a pulse can get into higher education, these degree factories will continue to exists.