Monday, March 15, 2010

Marianne Meed Ward blows whistle on Burlington waterfront pier

Burlington, Ontario resident, journalist and community organizer, Marianne Meed Ward, has dug into the story behind the mess that we have on our waterfront, which was supposed to be a $7.1-million pier. The original idea was that the pier would be an attractive addition to our waterfront, but what we have ended up with is a $9.4-million eyesore in the form of an unfinished mess. Sounds to me like our city council and high-priced city staff has made a real hash of this pier that we never needed in the first place.

The pier is just one of the recent multi-million dollar projects on which the city has decided to waste tax money. And I gather we, the hapless tax payers, aren’t being told the whole truth about this project that was supposed to be completed in 2008.

Fortunately for residents, municipal elections will be held in the fall and we can send the elected city officials a clear message—at least, I hope we will. Unfortunately, that won’t do much to rid us of incompetence among city staff—getting rid of city staff is even tougher than getting a city politician to tell the truth.

If you are a Burlington resident, you won’t enjoy watching Meed Ward’s video which follows, but you’ll be better informed.

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  1. There was a small Condo project half a block from me in the west-end of Toronto, even after massive protests by locals for the excessive burden to the already heavy traffic near the bus Stop and cross walk.
    The Condo was built but they pulled as fast one, it kept growing beyond the agreed height and the weasels at City hall threw up their hands and and denied any link to this scam.
    The trained-seals at City Hall had agreed that the extra Condo Units would help ease the housing shortage so it was too late to undo the excessive floors to the Tower.

    Since the City keeps losing money every year in the Budget there is no way they can keep enabling more and more Condos that burden the Utilities and ERGO.....force the City to lose even more money.
    Typical example of shoveling sand against the Tide.

  2. Russ,
    Thanks for posting this - the more people know the better! I'm getting a lot of feedback from people wanting answers and solutions. The longer this is delayed, the more it costs us all.
    Marianne Meed Ward