Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jane Taber: mischief maker

I see that CTV host and Globe and Mail columnist, Jane Taber, is up to her usual Tory bashing. This time she’s accusing the not-yet-given Tory throne speech of being plagiarized from one by former Australian prime minister John Howard. Why? Because the speeches apparently have similar titles.

Not being able to attack today’s scheduled throne speech on the substance of its contents, Taber has turned to a Liberal war room “press release” like the ones we are accustomed to seeing aired on CTV News as the basis for her Globe and Mail column.

“In a lively press release headlined ‘G’day Canada,’ the Liberals note the Tories also used portions of Mr. Howard’s 2003 speech on Iraq. Mr. Harper, in fact, was asked about this in the midst of the last election campaign.”

Please, hasn’t this been hashed over before? We’re used to so-called press releases churned out by Liberal “strategists” forming much of the daily content of CTV News’ Power Play, but I thought a major newspaper like the Globe and Mail would be better than that. Apparently not.

She could have waited a couple of hours and had the real story, but not Ms. Taber. Better to run with a warmed over piece of trash spun out by the Liberal war room. This is so pathetic, and sad that this is how poorly Canadians are served by their mainstream media.

I guess we now know the feature story for today on Tom Clark’s Power Play.

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  1. We have a pattern with people with initials JT who love to recycle liberal talking points.

    Jane Taber, Jim Travers.

    After all the LPOC need all the help they can get.

  2. Interesting how you choose to focus on only the one part of Taber's "Ottawa Notes" and completely ignore the second part in which she posts a very critical "mischief making" post about Ignatieff.

    But that would spoil a myth that the media is biased against Conservatives now wouldn't it?

  3. Tom Clark now THERE"S a real dimwit!

  4. I read the second point, Ted, but couldn't see how it is relevant to the point of my post.

    So I re-read it after reading your comment. Sorry, but I think it's a stretch to see any Liberal-bashing there.

  5. Taber is typical of the bulk of the so-called political commentators that infest the MSM. These clowns spend all their time on some picayune detail like the title of the throne speech and ignore the real content of the message. That's because they are either too lazy to do the grunt work of digging out facts or too stupid to understand those facts. Or, as they prove time and again, both.

  6. So, if I am to understand you correctly Russ, repeating comments that Harper stole the theme and title of his major government "re-calibration" Throne Speech from a PM of another country whom he has already plagiarized... is "Tory bashing"...

    ... but ...

    repeating comments that Mr. Ignatieff “doesn’t have the ability to give Quebec what it wants.” and relied too much on Toronto advisers... is not.

    No blinders here. No siree. Not seeing what you want here.

    And this is why I find it laughable when conservatives make tin-foil hated claims of a Vast Leftwing Media Conspiracy out there. That myth only works if you work hard at ignoring half the news.

  7. Cool down, Ted. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I have blinders on.

    What the heck does "make tin-foil hated claims" even mean?

    I read the news extensively, not just half, and am not a believer in any "Vast Leftwing Media Conspiracy." And I don't have the time or patience for your silly name-calling.

    Thanks for you comment.

  8. Perhaps it is more of a general comment then, Russ, on a myth you are feeding (unintentionally perhaps) that the media is out to get the Conservatives.

    If I have overstated the case with respect to your views on the media, I apologize. Though claiming it is typical of Taber to bash Conservatives without mentioning the second half of her post seems to suggest otherwise.

    But I'm sure you wouldn't disagree that a lot of conservatives take every opportunity to claim that the MSM hates Harper and is fixated on attacking him.

  9. Unfortunately it's a direct consequence of asking her to come up with new content every day, and throughout the day in the Ottawa Notebook feature of the site.

    With that kind of damand for inches, it's hard not to take the easy route of just vomiting out party talking points and psuedo-news releases.

    Nobody has thought of the Canadian news media as anything but lazy for years now. It's not a big shocker.

  10. TangoJuliette sez:

    Similar titles=plagiarism?

    "...Mr. Ignatieff doesn’t have the ability to give Quebec what it wants...” "...Denis Coderre is my main man..." Reporting the forgoing dissension within Librano ranks, wherein the right of free speech for LPC MPs & members is purported to be of highest importance, is seen as Librano bashing? Does the truth hurt Libranps that much?

    Bear in mind Teddie: one of these things is not like the other.



  11. here's a mischief maker for yah:
    ''By Aaron Wherry - Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 2:27 PM

    ''Canadian Press discovers that Jason Kenney ordered the removal of references to gay rights and same-sex marriage from the new citizenship guide.''

    The TRUE story:
    ''...But a memo to Kenney from bureaucrats at Citizenship and Immigration last June showed....''

    The memo's were sent TO Kenny, not from him.

  12. Read the link, and what Iffy said about PMSH just waking up to 'innovation' is an out an out lie.

    Ted, this has been the Conservative Governments theme for 2 years, but was put on hold due to the recession.
    And it is a good plan:

    A Strong Canada in a Changing World (Advantage Canada)
    19 Sep 2008 ...
    This is Advantage Canada: Building a Strong Economy for Canadians.