Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brown-shirt bully tactics all too common on our university campuses

Thursday, a group—apparently from the University of Toronto—shut down the popular TVO program, Steve Paikin’s The Agenda for several minutes. The show was on location at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto. Here’s how the show’s host described the events on his blog:

“But just a few minutes into my interview with [Ontario’s Finance] Minister [Dwight] Duncan, all hell broke loose.

“At first, one member of the audience rushed the stage where we were located and began shouting questions at Duncan.

“At first, I thought this was simply the act of one rude person, so I tried to interrupt her, assure her that there would be time for questions later, but that this was not the way we were going to do business.

“Shortly thereafter, another half dozen protesters joined the first, continued to scream at the minister, and it became abundantly clear that this wasn’t a case of a few rude audience members, but rather an orchestrated protest.”

It is a serious matter when folks as unflappable as former Ontario Finance Minister Janet Ecker and Paikin fear for the safety of Minister Duncan who was tethered to his chair by a microphone and not able to defend himself.

“I do know that there was a moment when I wasn’t clear whether the minister’s safety was in jeopardy,” writes Paikin, “I wasn’t so sure, and I think I actually at one point stood between Duncan and the protesters. As did one of our guests, Janet Ecker, a former finance minister.”

And what about security? That, apparently, was to be provided by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), but they seemed to be operating under their Caledonia-style of protecting public safety, that is, doing nothing. Here’s Paikin’s take on that:

“There were two OPP officers in attendance, watching in the wings. But they made no move to intervene, one assumes, because they concluded this was a boisterous protest, but no danger to the minister's safety.”

“… the police, I’m told, were urged not to intervene, lest pictures of demonstrators being hauled off by the cops show up all over YouTube.”

That’s free and open debate, folks, Ontario university and OPP style. Who can fathom the critical thinking that led to this “peaceful” protest? In Paikin’s words:

“The sad part of this whole episode was, the screaming was so off the charts, the protest so objectionable, it was impossible for me to hear what the protest was all about. Had the protesters merely asked their question in a civilized fashion, the minister would actually have had to answer it and the viewer would have learned something.”

Brown-shirt bully tactics are becoming all too common on our university campuses. And if ever you are caught in the middle of one of those “peaceful” demonstrations, apparently you shouldn’t look to the police for protection.

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  1. Actually I would have no problem attacking this Ontario regime of corrupt liberals. On the other hand we should have decorum and structure. (real conservative)

  2. If one looks closely into the origins of how these "protests" come to be and how they are organized, I think you'd see the "usual suspects" at work.

  3. Rush at me foaming at the mouth and I'll deck you. No more reverse, no more Mr.Nice Guy when dealing with these critters.

    They shut the last one with Coulter down because her bodyguards would have had to hurt some people that somehow think they're entitled to do what they do. Wrong

  4. Entitled. I think the crux of the matter is that (a) a large group of people feel entitled to hold any opinion they choose - informed or otherwise; (b) feel entitled to express that opinion in whatever manner they choose - boisterous or not; (c) and feel entitled to force it on those holding opinions at variance with theirs; (d) and feel entitled to deny the ability to express contrary opinions on the basis of being entitled to do so.

  5. I agree with Patsplace,it is time to start breaking some kneecaps.Reason and politeness does not work with these idiots,so a few broken noses and kneecaps may cut down the cult membership.If the police wont do their job we will do it for them.

  6. Oh the irony.

    The pro-Socialiam yahoos have spent years demanding hand-outs and endless "FREE" stuff like Housing,dental,Legal aid,Glasses,babay bonuses,and on and on.
    BUT, when the whell ran dry as if all that money just fell from the sky like the gentle rain on mercy,these same career victims goes nuts over the expectations that they must now become self-reliant and actually learn how wealth is created.

    The Poverty Industry protesters don't realize that part of the welfare and Housing crisis could be mitigated if there wasn't so much money allotted to the Police Budget for security at the Poverty Protests/Riots.

  7. Sigh. The F.I.S.T.ers are at it again. The Peoples Cube has the scoop.

  8. Any student involved in such a protest should/must be expelled immediately, and banned from any university in Canada.
    Wonder if Kady takes any responsibility for these protests. After all she laughingly told us on CBC that it was easy to organize a flash mob via facebook, twitter and iphone.
    One should ask, what stopped all the protests at American universities years ago. Anyone remember Kent U. Is that what these idiots are hoping for, someone to be seriously hurt or killed.

  9. Shame on you, bertie. How does kneecapping students help or solve anything? I hope you mean this as some sort of sick joke or adolescent provocation.