Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jane Taber’s jaundiced view of Tory’s political fortunes

New EKOS Research seat projections are characterized by Globe and Mail journalist/CTV host, Jane Taber, as poor news for the Conservative party of Canada. Similar views were much in evidence last evening on CTV’s daily political show, Power Play.

Ms. Taber’s entire analysis of the projection centres around the fact the Tories would likely win a reduced minority if a general election were held—114 seats versus the 145 they now have. Much is made of the fact that this is bad news for the governing party. According to last week’s EKOS projection, however, the Liberals would likely have won 122 seats compared to their currently-held 77. So the new projection is a notable turnaround in Tory fortunes.

It is such a shame to see Taber’s view jaundiced by her oft-expressed bias against the Stephen Harper Conservatives. Given the extensive coverage by Taber of the Liberal rise and Tory fall in polls taken since prorogation was announced by Prime Minister Harper, I’d have thought reasoned—never mind objective—analysis of this recent seat projection would zero in on the evidence that suggests the Tory post-prorogation fall in favour has been stemmed, and that anti-prorogation sentiment seems to have run its course.

That is the unmistakable message I get from this seat projection.

The government’s solid performance over the past year coupled with its competent response to the Haiti earthquake seems to have caught the notice of ordinary Canadians. And despite the hammering the Tories have taken in the mainstream media from the likes of Ms. Taber, potential voters are pulling back from the prospect of an Michael Ignatieff-led government.

And thank God for that.

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  1. I listened on Power-Play an interview with Nick Nanos, he had the Polls showing the Conservatives at 35.9&, Libs at 33.6% Dippers at 14.6&, Bloc at 8% and the Greens about the same as the Bloc. He also stated that in Quebec the Conservatives and Libs where pratically tied with 22-23% support. In Quebec Nanos stated that all the lib support was on the Island of Montreal the Cons support was in the rest of Quebec and th Cons could even pick up some seats there. In Ontario the Cons are more than competitive. I guess Janie T figures the only poll worth anything is EKOS which is done in conjuction with the Toronto Star! Nuff said.

  2. Curious how EKOS has developed a penchant for making news headlines. Kind of makes you think. That and Graves is now a regular on the Soloman show.

    When you look at the outliers of which polls differ from the pollster population, it is suspicious how often Graves' polls make news by being "unique". Nanos usually has the Green Party around 6%. In January EKOS had them at 13.5%, and Frank was predicting the Greens would win a seat.

    So consider the source.

  3. agree with you completely - am so sick of biased so-called journalists like her, torquing every utterance in the lieberal's favor - wonder how she views the Ontario government progation issue ? - as the tories usually gain a few points when the writ is dropped, this latest poll is actually not that bad (not to hear her version of course)

  4. And CTV all morning saying the progued Parliament since December.....misinformation, but not a word on McQuinty's little "time-out"

  5. EKOS lists all parties when asking a respondent which party the would vote for, hence the much higher Green Party numbers. Nanos asks it as open ended question.

  6. Russ thanks for keeping an eye on Jane, it must be painful for you. I almost blow my stack when I read her articles so I don't do that anymore. Don't fret as a possible outcome is the opposite to what liberals desire may happen: strengthening the conservative vote. Sometimes when a party is under unfair attack it actually creates sympathy for them and hardens the support they already have. In the end their lies will only discredit them in the eyes of the majority. (real conservative)

  7. Journo's like Ms Taber may be holding their victory dance a little too soon, but there's absolutely no doubt that Harper's careless use of prorogation has cost him.

    Harper deserves points for Haiti response, but one would have to be a pretty useless PM to NOT respond to that disaster.

    The CPC and followers should stop publicly rehashing the prorogue issue and get on with the new throne speech and budget.