Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ignatieff shills for the pro-abortion lobby

The man who wants to be our next prime minister, Michael Ignatieff, has apparently become a shill for the pro-abortion lobby. “We don’t want to have women dying because of botched procedures. We don’t want to have women dying in misery,” Ignatieff is reported to have said on Tuesday following Parliament Hill meetings on international development.

By “botched procedures” does the professor mean cases when a child survives a late-term abortion—the “dreaded complication”—as in one case at Calgary Foothills hospital in 1999, when a baby from a 35-week-term pregnancy was born in a botched procedure and survived for 12 hours? In that case, although the baby’s mother reportedly asked for assistance be given to her child, no help was given. After a police investigation, no charges were laid.

Michael Ignatieff is also quoted by the Toronto Star as saying:

“We've had a pro-choice consensus in this area for a couple of generations and we want to hold it.”

To what “pro-choice consensus” could Ignatieff be referring? How could he have determined that there is a consensus in Canada? How can a consensus be reached if an open debate has never occurred?

But I suppose Ignatieff should be excused from not knowing we never did have that debate—he was living abroad. And anyway, he is a Liberal. Liberals don’t need real evidence on which to base conclusions—they manufacture it.

The courts decided that our past abortion laws should be struck down. And Canadians were never asked their opinions on the subject. Since then the debate has been closed. The cowardly, underhanded Liberal government of the time let the court decision decide the “consensus” rather than having open debates in parliament or, even better, a national referendum.

The Liberals simply struck the abortion-related statutes from our law, and never replaced them with anything that would even hint at protection for un-born infants. Now Ignatieff seems to want Prime Minister Stephen Harper to advocate the Liberals’ no-abortion-law position to the nations of Africa. Shameful!

God forbid that any nation should copy Canada, which has no abortion laws—to our everlasting dishonour as a compassionate nation, abortions here are legal up to and including the day of natural birth. And the fact that only a few cases occur is no solace to those butchered because they lack the protection of the law. Nor are we on any sounder moral ground because we export most of our late-term abortions to the United States.

For the record, I do not oppose abortion per se. I don’t even oppose tax money being used to fund certain medically necessary abortions. But I do oppose unregulated abortion on demand. I believe it is as morally wrong to terminate a late-term pregnancy as it is to take an infant’s live after birth. I oppose medically-unnecessary late-term abortions, and I oppose our tax money being used to fund abortions on demand as a substitute for birth control.

And, finally, I do oppose our exporting to other nations our laissez-faire attitude towards taking the lives of unborn children.

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  1. Excellent post Russ! My sentiments exactly!

  2. It is an attempt to enflame passions on a polarizing issue for political gain. Divide and conquer.

  3. There goes the slight Liberal lead in the polls...back down they go.

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