Friday, February 5, 2010

Dirty tricks or simply Liberal and NDP politics as usual?

Not surprisingly, the New Democratic Party with help from their coalition friends, the Liberals, was apparently a major force—perhaps the force—behind the recent anti-prorogation rallies so prominently reported in the mainstream media. Browse through Rally Facts and one soon understands that the rallies were simply anti-Harper political rallies and prorogation per se had little to do with the motivation of the attendees.

Organizing political rallies is a common thing in Canada and none of us should be surprised when we hear that one or two of the mainstream parties were involved. That’s the sort of thing political parties do, especially the New Democrats.

And we should fully expect that many individuals who attend such rallies will be card-carrying members of a political party. No surprise there.

In an open and democratic society, however, one expects that those organizing political rallies will take ownership for the parts they play. When one knows who’s behind a rally, one is better able to assess motivations and biases. To encourage—perhaps direct— individual members, especially prominent ones, of political parties to organize the events as though they were officially non-partisan, is deceitful and corrodes democracy.

This brings to mind the loud protest in the visitors’ gallery of the House of Commons, which resulted in several arrests and the brief shutdown of question period last fall. Around 200 protesters chanted slogans to support Bill C-311, an NDP private member’s bill on climate change.

The demonstrators were reportedly the invited guests of one or more of the NDP’s caucus members. But before that fact was generally known, NDP caucus members denied any involvement in the demonstration itself. Perhaps the Dippers were adhering to the letter of the law, but certainly not its spirit.

And so democracy in Canada is denied another small victory and is threatened by death by a million cuts. Acts like these performed by Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal Party and Jack Layton’s New Democrats are anathema to Canadian democracy, and the CTV and CBC news services are their all too willing handmaidens.

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  1. I wonder if the announcment today re Jack's illness will cool his heels re an election. Could he handle a campaign.

  2. Sent the information and link(s) to Jane Taber - bet we don't hear a word?
    Asked her if just once she could prove she is non-partisan by actually reporting on this.

  3. The real liberal party in Canada is the media. Someday everyone will agree with me on this. (real conservative)

  4. I can't speak for the other 150 or so that were present at the Stratford rally, but I can assure you that prorogation had everything to do with my attendance. I add that, contrary to your assertion, I'm not a card-carrying member of any political party.

    I've done more than browse through the Rally Facts site and must say I'm underwelmed. Sure, they've managed to find 17 with some sort of attachment to the NDP - from failed candidates to those who've written a complimentary word - but what of the hundreds of others? And if your speculation is correct, why were the NDP criticized along with both the Liberals and the Conservatives at the rally I attended?

    I'll need a lot more evidence before I begin to feel I was deceived.

  5. The real liberal party in Canada is the media. Someday everyone will agree with me on this.

    Anonymous, very very true. they have taken the reins from the LIBERALS to do the job for them. They media, have a techique how to convince people especially the innocent canadians. A technique mastered throughout decates.
    Why do you think that the LPOC are not perturbed; that they can rant all they want, blame others including you, for their problems, neglect, and so on; is because the media is part of the LPOC.Natually you can't expect the media to simply ruin the bread that feeds them. which the media expect to get for the years of being silent regarding to the liberal corruption.
    And since there is no DEMOCRATIC MEDIA to reveal the national media technique, the national media continues as they have for decades.
    NDP BLOC are now part of the liberal family and guess what, Layton can institute anything he wants that will cost in the billions of dollara and their liberal national media can't nor will dare ridicule him nor say anything against him. PERIOD.
    Or else, every piece of the liberals wrongdoings corruption and millions of dollars which the liberals still owe and the way the liberals use the media to coverup their tracts will be bellowed by LAYTON. The same goes for the Bloc on the media. the national media is cornered.
    The national media are given an order( from the looks of it); to do everything in their power to undermind and ruin PM. STEPHEN HARPER.

  6. Hi Jen, thanks for your response we both see eye to eye. Some great comments by you. Well it goes like this: if it doesn't exist then we have to build it, responsible and conservative media. (real conservative)

  7. if it doesn't exist then we have to build it, responsible and conservative media. (real conservative)

    Anonymous, this is exactly what the corrupt media are afraid of; they are afraid that their 'cover' will be blown wide open; this the media can't allow to happen. That is why they are working overtime to get rid of the prime minister so that they, media, can continue their daily ritual of socialism-you know-the same as chavez's media is doing right now.
    When Glenn Beck critizes the media for not telling the americans the truth, he speaks for us as well regarding to our so call media.