Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conservatives edge ahead with lead in EKOS poll

The Feb. 25 EKOS poll has prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives (33.4%) with a three percentage point lead over the Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals (30.3%), putting the Tories firmly in minority-government territory (if an election were held) after a spell of several weeks being statistically tied with, and at times slightly behind, the Grits.

“The Liberals rode the dissatisfaction with the government over Afghan detainees, Copenhagen and prorogation back into contention after what was for them a disastrous early fall. However, they have not had been able to find the leadership or the message to build on that momentum.

– EKOS President,
Frank Graves

Some blamed the drop in the polls the Tories experienced on prorogation of parliament. Now they claim the positive feeling about the Olympics is the cause of the moderate lead the Conservatives have taken.

I’m not so sure about giving the Olympics much credit for the Conservative come-back, but I do believe the issues of Afghan detainees, Copenhagen and prorogation helped their downward slide, greased as it was by the pro-Liberal, anti-Conservative hammering the CPC took from the mainstream media, especially on CTV and CBC political news shows.

Here’s the rest of the vote-intention story as provided by EKOS:

  • 33.4% CPC
  • 30.3% LPC
  • 15.8% NDP
  • 10.4% Green
  • 8.2% BQ
  • 1.9% other

What this poll shows me is the reluctance Canadians continue to have in embracing Michael Ignatieff as an alternative to Stephen Harper. Native son or visitor? Teacher or doer? If he were not leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, would he even be living in this country? Those are the questions many Canadians face whenever Ignatieff and Liberals approach governing-party territory in the polls. And Mr. Ignatieff’s recent insistence that our aid to African countries be somehow tied to the promotion of abortion practices has raised even more warning signals.

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