Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Child-care: another Liberal tax and spend program

The Liberals under Michael Ignatieff are proving themselves to be the same old Liberals we got rid of, thanks to the unite-the-right initiative. Tax and spend, that’s the only principle they consistently endorse. And Ignatieff is just another in a long line of Grit leaders who promise one thing and deliver another.

MP Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal infrastructure critic recently indicated his support for tax increases to reduce the deficit, and Ignatieff downplayed Kennedy’s political gaffe. But now the intrepid Liberal leader has promised that a national child-care program will be put in place by a future Liberal government. Here’s his promise:

“We will find the money, because it seems to me an excellent investment. I am not going to allow the deficit discussion to shut down discussion in this country about social justice.”

Right, a simple little fact like a $56-billion federal deficit isn’t going to slow Ignatieff down. Just as a $25-billion plus Ontario deficit didn’t stop Premier Dalton McGuinty from announcing an unnecessary $1.5-billion expansion to Ontario’s kindergarten program.

Professor Ignatieff is either a fool or a liar. If he doesn’t know that a $6-billion daycare initiative is not affordable for, at least, the next five years, or that’s its irresponsible to promise one, then he’s a fool. If he knows and still makes the promise, then he’s a liar. Take your pick.

Of course, past Liberal governments have repeatedly promised child-care programs going back into the 1990s, but, even when they moved into a surplus, they continued to renege on their promises. Yes, they told lies back then too. A $5-billion national child-care program was among the promises in the run-up to the 2006 election, in which the Liberals were defeated.

My guess is that the Grits will finally keep this promise, if they regain power. They’ll raise taxes some, reallocate current childcare tax benefits and prolong the deficit indefinitely.

Ignatieff is little more than a bad political joke. He scolds Prime Minister Stephen Harper for squandering the Liberal-generated federal surplus and for running up a $56-billion deficit, and then goes on to defend his new $6-billion program.

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  1. A childcare tax credit, yes!
    A government childcare program, no!
    Services provided by the government will be "equally bad"... As a parent, I would not be wanting my tax money going into a poor quality childcare program.

  2. what's the difference - it makes no matter whatever he says to get elected, that is standard Liberal Campaigning 101. "Say what you need to get elected, then forget about it once you're in." Jean Cretin ran on virtually the exact same platform, making almost identical promises election after election (ok - he only promised to get rid of GST the once...)

    Majority after majority, he seemingly accomplished nothing (other than padding the pockets of those near and dear to him, and those who helped him get there.) These people are evil and prey upon the short term memory of the electorate.

    Ignatieff is cut from the same cloth and will say whatever the polls tell him is needed to get elected. In this case, polls indicate a relatively even split amongst male voters with the female population "up for grabs." Go figure, he starts playing the "child care card."

    Can't win votes from those that have seen the Liberals track record? Start playing the university circuit and promise them reduced tuition - more "tell 'em what they want to hear year after year BS!"