Friday, February 19, 2010

Bill Carroll leaves Newstalk 1010 (CFRB)

Newstalk 1010 (CFRB) is making more changes to its daytime on-air lineup. Bill Carroll, Newstalks’ 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. weekdays host, leaves the station today—or sort of. Carroll is leaving to become host of The Bill Carroll Show on KFI radio at Los Angeles, beginning February 22nd. He’s been with CFRB/Newstalk 1010 for about 12 years.

Carroll will continue to be heard on Newstalk 1010’s afternoon show The Live Drive hosted by former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, John Tory. We’ll have to wait to see how that works out.

Back in October, Bill Carroll was moved out of the “morning man” spot—the top position for a radio host—in favour of John Moore, who was moved from the drive-home time slot. Carroll had held the morning slot since January 2007.

CFRB was the number one station in the Toronto market for decades, but it has declined in recent years. The station is now a far cry from its glory days with morning man Wally Crouter and popular shows like Calling All Britons with the late Ray Sonin. The latest ratings have CFRB down in 10th place, with their flagship morning show trailing far behind CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning with Andy Barrie, a former CFRB host and commentator.

It is a shame really to see just how far this once dominant station has slipped. CFRB is but a shadow of its former self. After several decades as a fixture on my radio pre-sets, I doubt I’ll be tuning in much in the future.

UPDATE: Newstalk 1010 announced today that Bill Carroll’s replacement is Jerry Agar, a Canadian who is a talk radio host in the United States. Agar has been a success in U.S. markets, including Kansas City, New York and more recently in Chicago. He’ll continue to do his weekend show on Chicago’s WGN Radio.

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  1. Curiously enough, Carroll said that he couldn't be heard at KFI via internet radio unless you had an IPS with an American address. Just not true. Was he ill-informed or was he just doing CFRB a favour to keep his fans from following him? I was listening to KFI less than 10 seconds later.

  2. Yup, Bill 'the Shill' Carroll's morning ratings in Toronto were at number 10 and was yanked from the morning spot.

    As I see it, he caused Newstalk's listenership to go down, by all of his product placements and constant shilling. Nobody took him or the station seriously.

    His contract was up and in my opinion it wasn't going to be renewed or at least his salary would be low-balled, so he called his friends asking how to get a job in the United States (his credibility in Canada is zero) and got this 2 hour gig.

    I suspect he's holding on to a spot at Newstalk's afternoons in case things don't work out, then he'll talk about how much he missed his parents, his child's therapy and how he loves Toronto.

  3. I'm really upset because for years Bill had boasted about how Tolerant and accepting he is when he lived near the Gay village in Toronto and touted the Pride Parade as enlightening even with the overt Nudity by males exposing themselves to little boys and girls.
    I predicted that Bill wouold get married and change his view on being Pro-Choice,and I knew he would yap about his baby on the radio as if he's the first human to ever be a Dad (even when he hated others doing it),Bill also mocked older men having kids until his wife wanted one.
    But now Bill won't be able to back his rants about the Pride Parade not being harmful for Kids or being a form a Child-abuse as defined in the U.N. Charter for Childrens Rights.

    I've had my camera ready to snap Bill and his Children on one of the Pride Floats surrounded by Naked males flaunting their sex oragns as part of Tolerance and Sexual pride.

    I actually have a gut feeling that Bill's wife made the choice to move to L.A., she will get half of everything and the kids if things don't work out with the marriage. And keep in mind Bill, if she would marry a older man once, she'll marry an older man again because in 10 years she's still attractive while you're just 10 years older.

  4. This new guy, Jerry Aker, sounds like he is a graduate of the Fraser Institute (that far right wing think tank). I thought that after Bill Carroll's right wing rants, CFRB might hire someone more in tune with the political reality of the GTA.

  5. I hope Bill doesn't tell all the folks in L.A. that he's Canadian. They'll think we're all assholes.

  6. Well, I enjoyed him and wish him well. If you read the coverage on the move, one of the reasons for his decision was because his little girl has Spina Bifida and after some time with an LA therapist, was doing MUCH better. I need physical therapy myself (I have CP) and nothing here is covered anymore, never mind getting "good" care. So kudos to him for doing the right thing as a dad.

  7. Yeah there's no love lost between many listener's and Carroll, per his departure. Bill 'the shill' as he's been called above, broke on the CFRB scene in the late 90's. He was a total whiner. For such a young announcer, the single white male's views were overly right-wing and his demeanor cantankerous and smart-ass. To his credit, age and maturity, as well as fatherhood seemed to improve his views. I agree with other posts, CFRB has lost lustre, and has not been helped by Carroll. He won't be missed.

  8. I guess my views are mirrored by Bill's, because I liked what he had to say. I don't share the views most of the other postings. I"m 48, more from the right than left, raised 3 kids, self employed, etc. I enjoyed his views, and his style. Moore, on the other hand, WAS so liberal in his views, it sickened me, but to his credit, he has softened his opinions now that he is on the morning spot. I miss Bill. Heck, I miss Oakly too. That's how long I've been a 1010 listener.