Monday, January 18, 2010

Tories 2 Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand 0

The Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand has been ordered to allow the campaigns of two Tory candidates to claim $1.2-million in expenses for their share of pooled radio and television ads that ran during the 2006 election campaign, putting an end, we hope, to another bit of Liberal mischief-making.

This so-called “in-and-out” case is an important win for the Conservative Party of Canada and was a test case. The two campaigns involved were part of purchases made by 67 Conservative candidates and coordinated by the CPC’s national campaign. Elections Canada charged that the Conservatives had skirted the CPC’s $18.3-million spending limit by running the purchase of the ads through its candidates’ campaigns.

Had Justice Luc Martineau upheld Mayrand’s decision not to allow the expense claims, the Conservative national campaign would have been forced to include the ad purchase as part of their campaign cost, pushing them over the legal expense limit.

Elections Canada says it will review the decision before deciding whether to appeal. Of course it will. After all, legal costs will be covered with taxpayer money, and there are loads of that to cover Elections Canada’s vendetta against the Conservative Party of Canada.

Elections Canada does not seem to be nearly as tough minded when it comes to the issue of Liberal leadership candidates not repaying their 2006 campaign loans. As written about earlier, six top Liberals missed the deadline for repaying their leadership campaign loans. This after MPs Stéphane Dion, Gerard Kennedy, Martha Hall-Findlay, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Joe Volpe and Hedy Fry were all given 18-month extensions that expired this past New Year’s Eve. This disgraceful show of contempt for the Canadian electoral process has not yet been addressed by their buddies at Election Canada.

I can hardly wait to see how Elections Canada will help their Liberal friends weasel out of this one?

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  1. What are the actual penalties for not making the payments on time?
    I tried working my way through the Elections Act section 497, but it's not my area of expertise.

    Is Dion too pretty to go to jail?

    It sounds like once the deadline hammer comes down the loans are deemed to be donations, and these would be far voer the limits.
    How those penalties are applied is anyone's guess.


  2. Another tempest-in-a-teapot that has blown up in the face of the socialist opposition. How many does that make? A half dozen; a dozen? The leftist clowns keep trying to shoot down the Conservatives and they keep firing blanks. I hope the Tories hit the airwaves with ads about the total incompetence of the opposition...because you can bet the MSM will bury this on the back pages and Evan Soloman will turn a blind eye to it.