Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terrorists target Canada as gateway to the U.S.

According to CTV News, Canadians airlines and airports were put on heightened alert late Saturday after Canadian officials received credible intelligence of a potential terrorist threat. The warning said:

“Further sharing of intelligence following the December 25th terrorist attempt on the United States has prompted the government to remind airlines and airports to continue to be vigilant and apply screening measures with consistency and vigour.”

Apparently, British and U.S. intelligence have information that 20 Yemen-trained terrorists are heading to North America. And sources say Canadian intelligence also had credible information of other terrorists planning to come to Canada.

The terrorists are not believed to pose a direct threat to Canada, according to federal authorities. The terrorists want to use Canada as a jumping-off point to get into the U.S. The fat would really be in the fire if a terrorist attack on the U.S. had any direct link to this country.

As any prudent junior partner would do, therefore, we will bend over backwards to ensure that our border crossings are not used as a gateway for a terrorist attack on our senior partner. So, in addition to the heightened security already in place, Transport Canada said it will install full-body scanners at major Canadian airports by the spring.

Things tend to roll downhill. If a U.S. attack had a direct link to Canada, we all would face unpleasant consequences, and a significant number of Canadians would hold our Muslim minority to account for not being vigilant enough in rooting out extremism in their mosques and among their youth.

Recently, we’ve seen some movement in Canadian Muslim communities to take a harder line against Islamist extremists—let us hope it is not a matter of too little, too late.

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  1. What stop future Liberals and NDP supporters, this is the true reason for the prorogue.

  2. ... then the security screening at airports needs to focus on people who fit the mold of terrorists and stop making 85 year old women drop their pants !

    Sadly all this will do is enhance the mindless harassment of ordinary travelers , while being politically correct and afraid to pat down some guy who actually fits the terrorist profile.