Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Six Liberals cheating the system

In a disgraceful show of contempt for the Canadian electoral process, six top Liberals have again missed the deadline for repaying their 2006 leadership campaign loans. MPs Stéphane Dion, Gerard Kennedy, Martha Hall-Findlay, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Joe Volpe and Hedy Fry were all given 18-month extensions that expired on New Year’s Eve.

But instead of complying with the law as other Canadians are expected to do and for the most part do without whining or complaint, we hear from Liberal director of communications Daniel Lauzon that:

“Due to a difficult fundraising environment, including a recession, a general election and constant election speculation, some of the campaigns have indicated they will require more time to repay their debt.”

What a pathetic example of whining and fuddle-doddle, all designed to bamboozle Canadians who deserve better.

Apparently, Chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand is not allowed to grant further extensions. So if the candidates can raise the money—to avoid the outstanding debts being treated as campaign contributions under the law—they must get permission from a judge to pay off their loans. If the outstanding debts are treated as “deemed contributions,” because of the size of the debts, these candidates could find themselves in violation of the Canada Elections Act, which caps donations at $1,100 per contributor per campaign.

Now we have to wait for the Liberal apologists who must be furiously trying to find something the Tories have done that they can claim is equivalent to somehow that make this bamboozle less egregious. You see, to a Grit, nothing is ever wrong so long as someone else has done something just as bad.

Cheating and whining are what Grits do. Scorpions sting, rabbits breed, Liberals cheat and whine—that’s the natural way of things. They’ll get away with it, of course. Cheating Liberals almost always do.

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  1. They're just proroguing their payments.

  2. They are already saying that part of the problem is that the Conseratives changed the rules half-way through.

  3. A Liberal cheat? Lie? Steal? Not Liberal.

    It will be interesting to see what the penalties are going to be. I think this is precedent setting and will be a major moment in Canada's election laws.

    Have they found a electoral finance loophole?

  4. If I had a clue how I would start a FaceBook site asking them to pay their debts.
    Wonder how many members that would draw?

  5. This should be referred to the CRA and as such becomes a debt collection issue. They can be quite tough when they want to be. (real conservative)

  6. The liberals' personal media as we all know who they are have prorogued giving news and reporting on the liberals corruption for many years now. PROROGUE the news and presto the public remain numb and oblivious.

    Anonymous said...
    If I had a clue how I would start a FaceBook site asking them to pay their debts.
    Wonder how many members that would draw?

    January 5, 2010 9:30 PM

    Now, that will be a good idea ANONYMOUS, how many canadians would feel that they have to pay taxes on time or else and yet their own liberal mp that still owe EC doesn't pay up on time.