Saturday, January 23, 2010

“Severe” terror threat level in U.K.

Britain has declared a “severe” terror alert, the second highest level on its alert scale. This is one level below “critical,” that nation’s highest security alert level, which means an attack is imminent.

“…it [raising the terror alert level from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’] means that an attack has now moved to the level of being likely,” British Home Secretary Alan Johnson announcement on Friday. However, he stressed there is no intelligence suggesting an attack is “imminent.”

The Home Secretary would not specify the exact reason behind the decision to increase the alert level. But he did say, “It shouldn’t be thought to be linked to Detroit, or anywhere else for that matter. We never say what the intelligence is.”

Britain’s large pool of Muslim youth has made it a prime place from which to recruit volunteers for terror attacks within and outside its borders. Many believe that the UK’s inability to properly assimilate its Muslim population has left large numbers of youth alienated and open to the views of radical Islamists.

British homegrown radicals are said to sometimes exceed that of the groups who inspire them. And that nation’s prominent role in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have fueled the flames of Islamist extremism there. Sentiments such as—British terrorists in the army travel all the way across the globe to foreign countries like Afghanistan and Iraq to kill, murder, rape and pillage—are all too common in the Britain of today.

Let us hope that Britain of today is not a preview of Canada of tomorrow.

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