Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Canadians die in Mexico: when will vacationers give that destination a pass?

A Canadian man and woman have been shot and wounded while bicycling outside their hotel in Ixtapa, a Mexican resort north of Acapulco. The shooting occurred on Tuesday when armed men tried to rob the couple, and when they resisted, and the gunmen opened fire. The 50-year-old man was shot in the abdomen, while a bullet grazed the 45-year-old woman’s ear. Both were hospitalized.

Accounts of violence directed at Canadians while in Mexico seem all too common these days. The incidents have occurred in several resort locations, not in areas particularly known for random violence. Here are four incidents covering six Canadians who have been killed or wounded while in Mexico:

  • An intruder shot a Vancouver man in the head after he opened the door of his room at a hotel in Cabo San Lucas in 2008. The murdered man’s girlfriend was also shot and injured.
  • A Woodbridge, Ontario man was killed outside an Acapulco nightclub in 2007.
  • A Grande Prairie, Alberta man died from injuries after he visited a nightclub in Cancun in 2007.
  • A couple from Woodbridge, Ontario were murdered in their hotel room in 2006 while staying near Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

How many more attacks will occur before Canadians choose destinations for their vacations that are safer than Mexico seems capable of providing? One’s life, I would have thought, is too valuable to risk for a bit of cheap sunshine.

I’ve been to Mexico a few times and thoroughly enjoyed myself, but enough is enough. When I want to live dangerously, I don’t have to fly five hours to Mexico, I can just drive down the highway to Toronto.

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  1. Your last statement sums up my view of things. You are more likely to be attacked in this country than you are when you travel abroad. Just because these isolated events happened in another country doesn't mean I am any safer here, than there.

  2. Your point is well taken, Mark. But I have to be here in Canada; I don't have to be in Mexico.

    That's the difference for me.

  3. Where are you going to go for your sunshine then?

    Hawaii was out a few years ago as I recall after a few people were mugged etc in Honolulu. Miami fell in that catagory as well I think.

    Egypt, there are the odd terrorist attacks there.

    Ditto for Indonesia, Kenya, Tunisia, Israel, the Philippeans. (think I spelled the last one wrong)

    I've been to the Yucatan and plan to return someday, never felt ill at ease there at all.

  4. Hey Russ, it is those kinds of things that make Mexico an exciting vacation destination. (real conservative)

  5. Lot's of terrific vacation spots right here in Canada, Rick.

    I do love the city Mérida on the north coast of Yucatán though.