Saturday, January 16, 2010

McGuinty’s way: Justice delayed, accountability avoided

Dalton McGuinty—not satisfied with frying the Ontario economy to the point we must now take federal handouts in the form of equalizing payments—has decided to make a mockery of our justice system. A criminal allegation against Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino was put over until February 3, a move designed to avoid acting on the accusations.

The Crown asked the court on Friday for more time. Apparently the Crown needs the extra time to review “new evidence” that relates to allegations that Mr. Fantino attempted to influence municipal officials. Influencing or attempting to influence municipal officials is an offence under the Criminal Code that carries a prison term up to five years.

Mr. McGuinty said:

“I don't think it is reasonable to read much into an adjournment—court proceedings are adjourned on a fairly regular basis.

“I continue to have confidence in the process.”

Perhaps the premier does “have confidence in the process,” but I do not. The Ontario Liberal government has shown time and again that it favours its supporters over the best interest of the province. We’ve seen it in the conduct of Crown corporations and their hiring of “consultants.” They have wasted our tax money to enrich their own.

Now we see the misplaced loyalty Mr. McGuinty seems to have towards the province’s top policeman. Special treatment for the same man who directs a police force that refuses to provide equal treatment under the law to Caledonia residents.

You remember Caledonia, that’s where a couple of residents had to take the province to court to get the simple justice they could not get from the OPP. It is also the place where protesters were prevented by Mr. Fantino’s OPP from flying the Canadian flag.

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  1. Under McGuinty the rule of law in Ontario is a mockery. I have lost all respect for both our politicians and our police force. Nothing to see here move along.

  2. I wonder how much more damage Dalton will wreak on this province before the next election?

  3. "ot satisfied with frying the Ontario economy".... I am surprised that when all of Canada is considered and how the economy is in the sewer, that Con bloggers such as yourself blame it on a global crisis, while Ontario's issues are the complete fault of the McGuinty. Go figure.

    Where's Waldo

  4. Dalton can hear the faint sound of drums beating. His own duplicity will be coming to light should this charge against Fantino proceed through the courts. CYA Dalton, CYA.

  5. Perhaps, Anon, it is because Ontario's manufacturing sector went into free fall years before the 2008 financial crisis and resulting global recession.