Thursday, January 21, 2010

Liberal Party plans renewal…again

How many times since the reign of Jean Chrétien has the Liberal Party of Canada renewed itself? Not enough, apparently. Michael Ignatieff says his party must listen to Canadians as it embarks on a “path of renewal.”

“We talk too easily within this party about being the natural party of government. If I can achieve one thing as a leader of this party, it's to get that out of our vocabulary.”

– Michael Ignatieff

Ignatieff told his caucus:

“We have to have the courage to tell ourselves things we don’t want to listen to. We have to listen to people that the party has not listened to. We have to open the doors and open the windows.”

If the Liberals really do use the coming weeks to generate ideas they can present to Canadians, then prorogation will have served the nation well. And perhaps they can use some of the time to find some form of moral compass.

We may finally hear the details of those policy alternatives Ignatieff is always going on about.

But does anyone out there believe that the near leaderless Liberal Party of Canada has the capacity to renew itself? I don’t.

About a year ago that party had the chance to democratically elect a new leader to replace Stéphane Dion. This would have allowed wide open debate and discussion of new ideas. But what did they do? They allowed the party big wigs to huddle in a backroom somewhere and hammer out a deal to hand the leadership unopposed to Michael Ignatieff.

Now this unelected leader plans to lead a renewal? Who’s kidding who?

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