Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hall Findlay’s phony complaint about Tory ad campaign dropped

When I think about the many phonies that make up the federal Liberal caucus, Martha Hall Findlay is one MP that quickly comes to mind. After being resoundingly rejected by more than 97 per cent of delegates at the 2006 Montreal Liberal leadership convention, Hall Findlay spurned Michael Ignatieff and moved her support to Stéphane Dion. Stéphane Dion later appointed her as the party’s platform outreach chair for the upcoming electoral platform. So I guess we can thank her for the Green Shift plank of the LPC’s platform.

Hall Findlay wastes no opportunity to tell us how wonderful the professor is. She was among the more than 70 per cent of delegates who rejected his leadership bid on the first ballot in 2006, but now she tells us we should support him for prime minister. Go figure.

She backed two losers in 2006—herself and Dion—and today I read that her judgment has apparently not improved.

According to the National Post, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson concluded in a “discontinuance report” that federal conflict-of-interest legislation did not apply in the context of a complaint made by Hall Findlay. The Liberal MP for Willowdale had complained to Ms. Dawson that a $60-million advertising campaign to tell Canadians about its economic action plan bore a too-similar design to advertising campaigns mounted over the past few years by the Conservative Party. Yes, that nonsense.

You’d think that would be the end of her mischievous complaint, but no such luck. In a typical show of her lack of respect for parliament and its institutions, Hall Finlay brushes aside Ms. Dawson’s report with this profound retort:

“This decision flies in the face of the very purpose of the Conflict of Interest Act.”

Quick translation: the commissioner doesn’t support my petty little political stunt, so I’ll claim victory and move on to my next gotya moment when I can waste more of government time with phony complaints and charges.

I can’t wait for Hall Findlay’s next stunt.

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  1. I am certain this twit is attempting to supplant Hedy fry as official 'village idiot' in parliament. She's succeeding.

  2. This woman's ego is way too big even for a liberal. (real conservative)

  3. HALL-FINLEY owes money doesn't she and so far the national media have prorogued asking her that question.