Monday, January 11, 2010

Cover Up: another Liberal invention

The new Liberal “attack ad” entitled, Cover UP, may actually carry an effective message, notwithstanding the fact that it is pure conjecture and innuendo. Liberals are, of course, experts at the practice of “cover up,” so they can be excused for assuming others have as base a motive as they would.

A voice of doom asks solemnly: “What is he [Stephen Harper] covering up?” Then it directs listeners to go to—so I did. And there I found four links under the heading, “Learn more about the issues Harper is hiding from.”

  1. Prorogation
  2. The torture cover up
  3. Jobs crisis and unemployment
  4. Harper climate change failure

Each of the above are, as one might expect, links to a series of Harper bashings. Nothing new, no revelations and nothing really to cover up. Everything mentioned in the links is and has been for some weeks a matter of public record.

Prorogation has been practiced by past Liberal governments on dozens of occasions—nothing new here. The torture cover up? The only cover up here is the Liberals pretending they are not accusing our military of war crimes. Jobs crisis and unemployment? For goodness sake, just read the financial papers: the world has been in, or is just recovering from, a serious recession. What about this can be covered up that will not be fully aired in the media anyway regardless of prorogation of parliament?

The final point was the most ludicrous of all: Harper climate change failure. This link is sub-titled, “A chronology of Conservative climate change failure: January 2006 to present.” Again, everything mentioned is a matter of public record—no cover up here either. Does beg the question, though, as to what Liberal governments’ climate change record was before 2006. I can sum that up with one word: abysmal.

Move along folks, no cover up to see here, no secret agenda. Just another in a series of Liberal attempts to demonize Stephen Harper and his effective minority government. For support of my analysis, look no further than chief Grit Michael Ignatieff himself, who wrote recently, “Shutting down Parliament has raised speculation about a spring election.  Certainly, there is no need for an early election.”

No need for an early election? Really? Why not get to the bottom of the great cover up by going to the people of Canada for a mandate to hold the Conservatives to account, launch a battery of public enquiries, etc.? Why, because Ignatieff know his charges are, for the most part, a sham—empty speculation and mischievous innuendo.

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  1. I'm not so sure that this will have the traction (and staying power) that the Liberals want. It's a Hidden Agenda message all over again.

    Problem is, it's been done. Repeatedly. My guess is that this will die a quiet death once the Games start.

  2. I thought the progation of parliment was so that the pm can get his 5 seats he needs in the senate so he can push through his senate reform package. I actually didn't and still don't even know what he is covering up. they are the least things in my mind. when I herd about the progation I thought it was so the pm could get senate reform is all I thought.

  3. very true Russ, if Ignatieff wants an election lets go.

    Prorotion-Liberals- since PIERRE E. TRUDEAU, CHRETIEN/MARTIN.

    Climate change, well Chretien signed onto the KYOTO and never once bother about it.
    What's next? Torture, torture took place when the liberals were still in government and Stephen Harper still in OPPOSITION.

    Economy well, lets think back IGNATIEFF flat out told the public that he had no intentions of wearing the recession on his shoulders so he ran away while the prime minister and ordinary canadians dealt with it and the rewards are there to be seen on the FINANCIAL POST etc. Yet the liberals who ran away from hard work want to reap the rewards for no work at all.
    Plus, if the liberals cared for the canadians during the time of the recession they would have return the missing $40million which they still owe canadians.But instead, they kept the money; at the same time told the innocent canadians "I FEEL YOUR PAIN" AGAIN not a dime was returned. Nor did the National media dared to asked for it.
    tThey liberals and their media want to return to govern well then lets go to an election and everything which the prime minister did for this country and for the economy will fall/stop with him.

  4. Who's paying for Iggy's cross country University tours? Campaigning for the Libs is not part of his job as official opposition thus why is he allowed to go across Canada and campaign during a non-election period?

  5. Climbing out of the Dark and Just Politics have their truth video up now. Check it out.