Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anti-prorogation rallies

Anti-prorogation rallies occurred across the country on Saturday with thousands attending, many with anti-Harper signs. I saw one shamefully depicting our prime minister as German mass-murdering dictator and notorious anti-Semite, Adolf Hitler. So, yes, there was genuine anti-prorogation sentiment on display, but mainly there was anti-Stephen Harper, anti-Conservative government sentiment.

According to CBC News, “More than 60 rallies were planned across Canada, with protests also slated for London, England, and several U.S. cities.” Why the heck do the Brits and the Americans care whether or not our PM suspends parliament using constitutional powers? Go figure.

Basically these are left-wing rallies: anti-war movement groups, unions, “you are fascists” sign bearers and so on. Scratch the average Liberal hard these days and you’ll find a socialist. That’s why ex-NDP politicians like Ujjal Dosanjh and Bob Rae are able to flourish in the Liberal Party of Canada. The politically naive Michael Ignatieff doesn’t stand a chance against these sharks.

So the unofficial coalition of Dippers and Grits set their organizations to the task of getting out bodies for the rallies.

It’s ironic to think that ultimate success of these protests is the ascension of the Grits-NDP to power replacing the Conservatives. Once there, the Grits would be heavily influenced by their de facto leader, Bob Rae. And this is ironic why?

Well, because Bob Rae—as premier of Ontario—prorogued parliament three times in his single term as premier. Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun reminds us that Rae prorogued the Ontario legislature in December of 1991, 1992 and 1994. On those occasions, the legislature did not sit again until April of the following years—a far longer suspension than Stephen Harper plans.

A lot of pot-calling-the-kettle-black going on. But that’s nothing new for the Grits. Rob Rae recently regaled an audience at the Liberal Party of Canada’s Victory Fund Bash with a song ridiculing Prime Minister Harper. The old hypocrite, Rae, proves yet once again that he has no shame, no moral compass and is capable to sinking to one new low after another.

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  1. I wonder if people in Iran were holding candlelight vigils for the suffering souls in Canada...

  2. I'm not surprised that Harper is suffering the scorn of Canadians, he's the one who prorogued.

  3. So, yes, there was genuine anti-prorogation sentiment on display, but mainly there was anti-Stephen Harper, anti-Conservative government sentiment.

    I can't speak towards the sentiment at all of the rallies, because I obviously only attended one (Toronto). At the rally that I went to though, I would say that it was mainly anti-prorogation sentiment on display, with some anti-Harper sentiment thrown in as well. Since he is the one who prorogued, that shouldn't be particularly surprising.

    The other thing I noticed is that the people at the rally were generally not particularly radical. For the amount of people who were there, it was really quite tame. I definitely saw a few people who you would consider radical, and two people standing beside each other with "Socialist Worker" signs (or something like that), but for the most part it seemed like it was just average people who weren't used to protesting. I thought it was fantastic that so many people were willing to give up their time on a Saturday to protest in favour of democratic accountability.

  4. The Calgary rally was a bust.

  5. Rob, These same people would be there if a dog SHIT on their lawn.A meaningless protest by a bunch of idiots on a slow news day will get you front page coverage in every Newspaper across this land ,because we just don't have any reporters that report news .Just bankrupt newspapers and columnists that are on their last legs and just don't care any more.And it shows the intelligence of these idiot demonstrators that they would even bother listening to Bankrupt Bob.I guess it must have been a slow day at their households,when the best they can do is protest a prorogation that hasn't started yet.

  6. Yes Rob, the NDP and unions organized disgruntled Nortel workers and war resisters and Raging Grannies and every other special interest groups with a bone to pick,
    aided by 2 weeks of the national media and LibDipper politicians practically begging everyone to of course there would be a cross section of people there.

    And I agree, nice to see,
    now that Canadians are awake,
    they can take a good look at just how irresponsible the LPC is in QP.

  7. "So the unofficial coalition of Dippers and Grits set their organizations to the task of getting out bodies for the rallies."

    I'm afraid that this is a half-truth at best. The organizers of the Waterloo rally had no political affiliation and invited representatives of ALL political stripes to come and speak. Peter Braid, CPC MP for Kitchener-Waterloo, could have stepped up and defended the government. Instead, he slept in.

    I invited people to come to the rally from my Church community, does this mean it was a Christian event because known Christians were there? Does this mean that Christians hate Stephen Harper? Unfortunately, it meant that I talked to the people in my circle which did include some conservatives who declined to attend a rally that they believed would "fail miserably" (despite their fervent attendance at the 150 strong KW anti-coalition rally last year).

    Of course the NDP were going to come with orange signs. Of course a union was going to show up, along with some environmentalists. But I did spy some known WLU conservatives. Futhermore, the mean age of the crowd was well over 30 - so this wasn't some hippy student rally. It was an inter-generational affair of concerned Canadians.

  8. I believe the Hitler sign was a conservative group plant.