Tuesday, January 12, 2010

$1.5-billion payoff to Ontario teachers’ unions

I am stunned by the total disregard of fiscal responsibility displayed by Premier Dalton McGuinty in providing new funding for full-day kindergarten. This initiative will cost Ontario taxpayers an additional $1.5-billion at a time when our provincial government is running record-high deficits in excess of $25-billion.

In every study, the initial advantages provided by full-day kindergarten diminish over time. Among experts, the debate is over whether they dwindle all the way to zero, or merely to near-insignificance.

– Editorial
National Post

The new program will enroll 35,000 four- and five-year-olds in full-day kindergarten in September. More than 600 schools throughout the province will offer the program, including at least one school from each board.

The opposition Progressive Conservatives say the program should be put off until the province is in better financial shape. I say, let’s put it off forever, at least, in its present form.

This is just a backdoor way to extend free baby sitting services for working parents—what a great New Year’s gift. And an expensive one at that.

Not only does this sort of early education have limited long-term benefits, Dalton McGuinty’s plan is overblown and intended to cater, not to our kids’ needs, but to teachers’ unions, those same fat-cat, privileged teachers who have sucked up so much of the education budget in our province to fund their exorbitant salaries, top-hat pensions and unprecedented perquisites.

To quote the National Post:

“…the McGuinty government is introducing a policy that is questionably beneficial, and will be implemented in a deliberately inefficient way, at a time when Ontario literally cannot afford it.”

If Dalton McGuinty’s plan is to deliberately ruin the province’s economy and fiscal capacity, he’s right on track and should have his plan fully implemented by October 2011. Are there no bounds to the man’s ineptitude?

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  1. and to think in Ottawa we have a new state of the art cancer clinic tha Dalton refuses to staff and the public are not allowed to


  2. I am stunned that anyone could be stunned by anything that idiot McGuinty does. This clown is a total disaster and a far left zealot. For the life of me, I can't understand how the Tories fail to get their act together sufficiently to toss this moron out. Homer Simpson should be able to whip-up on this klutz.

  3. I am stunned that anyone could be stunned by anything this idiot does. McGuinty has been imposing his far left, statist agenda on the Ontario voters for years. What amazes me is that the Tories have failed to get their act together sufficiently to toss this moron out. Homer Simpson could whip-up on this clown.

  4. Russ, the costs will be much worse with full implementation. Check out my most recent post at my "other" blog: