Wednesday, December 16, 2009

They should at least smile when picking our pockets

Do you remember back in the day when the socialists and liberals only wanted our governments to finance every social experiment and left-wing cause in Canada? Oh how I long for a return to those simpler times. Nowadays, we are being coerced by the lib-left into sending billions of dollars to every international basket case in the world.

Last night on his TV show, Michael Coren told one of his World Affairs panelists words to the effect that the United Kingdom had exploited India in the past and implied that this accounted for India’s economic challenges and somehow justified its demand for billions from the West to finance their climate change coping strategies.

I do not understand why a conservative like Coren would give any credence to this nonsense. I’ve heard it before, of course. Apparently all the economic ills of the developing countries is a direct result of the evil Western nations. What bunk!

Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand were all colonies of the United Kingdom and were as exploited as India was, in the sense that their economies were subordinated to that of the U.K.’s. Interesting, though, that in the past several decades those countries have prospered, while, until recently, India has been an economic basket case.

I’ll grant that the countries of Africa are somewhat of a special case, especially those of sub-Sahara Africa. Incompatible tribes were grouped together inside arbitrary borders and that has caused no end of challenges for those countries. But, for goodness sake, Germany and Japan were bombed almost out of existence in the 1940s, yet they have risen to become the second and fourth largest economies in the world.

Most European colonies have had their independence for over half a century. For decades now, they have been the recipients of foreign aid. It’s time they matured as nations and looked to themselves for their future survival.

The latest attempted cash grab in the name of global warming is a canard and I’m not buying any of it.

Too simplistic a view? Perhaps, but I’m tired of my country being treated like a cash cow and made to feel guilty for not doing more. Canada never had colonies; we are not the bad guys.

At some point, sub-Sahara Africa and India will have to take responsibility for their own actions and mistakes. They should not expect to live off international handouts forever.

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  1. With the amount of aid that has been poured in and the time they have had to get their act together, it is quickly becoming the case that we just don't care much anymore. I still feel sorry for many of them, but I have no feelings of responsibility for the plight they find themselves in. Sort of like an alcoholic friend.