Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank goodness we have leaders like Jim Prentice and Stephen Harper

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is in full swing at Copenhagen this week with the big shots moving in to take the  limelight from the lesser players. So far Canada has borne the brunt of the scorn reserved for those who have questions about Anthropogenic Global Warming or responsibilities and remedial actions regarding climate change in general.

The United States—thanks probably to President Barack Obama—has avoided much criticism despite never signing the Kyoto Protocol and despite the high per capita levels of resource consumption in that country. Curious isn’t it how Obama has reversed international opinion of the U.S. in less than a year—and with very little real action on the environment on his or his country’s part. They consume most of what we produce, but we take the heat for the resulting greenhouse effect.

Canada, we are told, is obstructing real progress at Copenhagen. Yes, we who produce only an estimated two per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are—according to the Climate Action Network—“… doing the most to obstruct progress in the global climate talks.”

And we are treated to the spectacle of the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, agreeing to collect so-called “Fossil of the Day” awards on behalf of Canada.

Yes, readers, the very same who man who surreptitiously backed the city employees’ unions when they went on strike last summer:

  • he grossly mislead Toronto tax-payers about the cost of workers sick-day benefits;
  • he allowed the unions to boot City Council out of city hall during the strike;
  • he pretended to represent city management, but he caved on every material demand from the unions;
  • Toronto has shown an unprecedented level of irresponsible financial management and general ineptness during his administration; and
  • Toronto has slipped from second- to third-rate under his administration.

By pretending to speak for Canada, David Miller shows what a puffed up ass he really is. He travels 5,000 miles to be a central figure in the ridiculing of Canada.

Today I read that delegations from Ontario and Quebec are trying to differentiate their position from the federal government’s, declaring they will not carry higher emission-reduction burdens for the sake of oil sands expansion in the Western provinces. Shameful!

Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen and Quebec Environment Minister Line Beauchamp seem quite prepared for Canada to carry higher emission-reduction burdens for China, India, Brazil and the rest of the so-called G77 developing nations, but not for their fellow Canadians in Western Canada. Shameful!

Little account seems to be taken of why Canada’s emissions level is as high as it is.

We have an energy-intensive economy and live in the northern hemisphere where we need heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. In 2006, Canada produced 19.3 quadrillion British Thermal Units (Btu) of total energy, the fifth-largest amount in the world. Since 1980, Canada’s total energy production has increased by 87 per cent, while its total energy consumption has increased by only 44 per cent. Almost all of Canada’s energy exports go to the United States, making it the largest source of U.S. energy imports. Canada is consistently among the top sources for U.S. oil imports, and it is the largest source of U.S. natural gas and electricity imports. (Source)

Moreover, we are home to only 0.5 per cent of the world’s population, but account for 1.7 per cent of the world’s GDP. Canada is literally one of the world’s powerhouses. Is it any wonder then that we are the source of two per cent of worldwide emissions?

I’ll match Canada’s real record of social and international responsibility against any member of the so-called G77 (which represents 130 developing countries) who are salivating at the prospect that their leaders—many of them corrupt dictators—will be stuffing their pockets to overflowing with the hundreds of billions they are demanding from the developed countries.

China—with thousands of billions of dollars in reserves is the third largest economy and first or second polluter and contributor to greenhouse gasses—has aligned itself with the G77 and stands waiting for a handout. Shameful!

Curious that the very changes the G77 demand of us would cripple our economy, yet, at the same time, they demand we contribute billions to their welfare.

Here’s hoping MP for Calgary Centre-North, Canada’s Minister of the Environment Jim Prentice and Prime Minister Stephen Harper hang tough this week at Copenhagen and add their much needed voices of reason to the negotiations there.

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  1. As much as I agree with your thesis, I would like to suggest that you save some of your congratulatory enthusiasm for the U.S. Senate. These are the folks who will kill any brain-dead agreement that may come out of Copenhagen. The momentum is swelling in the U.S. that this entire Global warming panic is nothing more than one gigantic international scam, and senators are in no mood to be bailing out anyone else.

  2. Excellent point, Powell. In fact, throughout the U.S. and Canada, the skeptics seem to be gaining ground, or so it seems.

  3. I am conversant with the concept of politicians speaking out of both sides of their mouths, but China's position(s) are confusing me.

    On the one hand they are part of the G77 and demanding the developed countries hand over cash. Fair enough, but on the other hand they have taken a share in the Alberta OIL sands, and presumably that share will be penalized by anything substantive that comes out of Copenhagen.

    Or, if China does rake in cash from the developed countries, should they not have to hand over part of that loot to Alberta for polluting our province with their tar sands ?

  4. Ontario & Quebec 'seem quite prepared for Canada to carry higher emission-reduction burdens for the G77 developing nations, but not for their fellow Canadians in Western Canada.'

    We noticed that too.
    Very disheartening when fellow Canadians chime in with the AGW protesters.

    Obviously, evident by the number of Liberal MPs in Western Canada,
    it's not the first time the we have been set up as the whipping boy for the East.

  5. We can only hope.. but it's clearer and clearer every day that this has nothing to do with the environment..just a way of forcing us to loathe ourselves and our success so they can present themselves as our saviors. How tragic that there are so many that believe this twaddle. The plain truth is, when you attach a price to carbon you will hurt the poor the most. Why can't they see this? They can barely afford fuel's hard to fathom how anything would be helped by crippling the developed nation's economies especially given they rely on that prosperity for their survival. Mother Nature is still and will always be in charge no matter how naive and ignorant goofs think they can CHANGE THE CLIMATE????? It goes beyond arrogance to believe that we are capable of stopping the degradation of our environment and just swing it in an other direction. There are multiple underwater civilisations that marine archaeologists are now discovering off the coasts of Mexico, India and Africa that prove that coastal regions have had to endure rising oceanic levels many many times in the history of this planet. The arctic circle used to be as warm as Florida and everyone knows about Greenland's history. I live in the Edmonton region and frankly, until I can hook up my car to a windmill in order to successfully deal with -40-50' C temperatures overnight than there really isn't anything else to talk about in my mind. The bullying of Alberta has got to stop and will only backfire I promise you! No mention of anyone else's contributions to this so-called mess...just ALberta. Lest we forget??? Alberta never will...not again.

  6. Karl Rove was on Fox News a few days ago, predicting that Republicans would pick up "5 or 6" Senate seats in Nov. 2010. The momentum is swinging towards the skeptics.

    Obama can promise the sun the moon and the stars, but it is the legislative branch of the U.S. which will call the final shots. Right now, in typical Liberal fashion, Obama is playing both sides of the fence. But, with his political capital mostly used up on Health Care, and his favorability ratings low, he will be a spent force at the mid-term elections. We could even see Dem Senators disavowing any connection with Obama, much like Bush was radio-active to his Party in the final days !

    Karl Rove, and guys like him, are a big weapon in our arsenal. I've seen a Republican ad already, that plays on the theme of a distraught worker, worried about his job, his kids, while hearing about plans to increase the deficit by sending money to foreign countries. This is a powerful, emotional narrative, which the Republicans will play like a fiddle and a drum against the Dems.

  7. A question our PM can ask on his next campaign. A vote for the coalition is a vote for higher energy costs and taxes to help China modernize their industries, or you can vote CPC and we promise to protect our country.

    I linked your post. Great comments.

  8. It is amazing to see the likes of the left Jack Layton, Elizabeth May, Suzuki, Miller etal touting a larger and tougher regulations for GHG which will result in higher cost to the consumers, yet complain about the Harmonized Sales tax as being a burden on the low income and poor of Canada.What Hypocrisy: If Quebec and Ontario are embarrassed over Canada's and Alberta's ghg contribution, I suggest that these two provinces start looking for revenue somewhere else and not Alberta's transfer payments.

    To Quebec complain about your asbestos mine and export to African nations. To Ontario complain about your coal fired power generation plants which are a great source of GHG than the Oil Sands.

  9. I wrote to Jim Prentice a couple weeks ago (snail mail) that although I understood that it would be near impossible to stand alone against the world, our family would fully support him digging in his heels at Copenhagen. Our team there needs our support so if you haven't written or emailed, please do so.

  10. Copenhagen's giant footprint
    Published: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    The Copenhagen climate talks will generate more carbon emissions than any previous climate conference, according to a report by accountants Deloitte. Delegates, journalists, activists and observers from almost 200 countries have gathered at the summit. The report said:


    The amount, in tonnes, of carbon dioxide that will be created from travel and work at the summit


    The amount, in tonnes -of the 46,200 tonnes of carbon mentioned above -from flights


    Number of Ethiopians whose annual carbon dioxide output is equivalent to 46,200 tonnes


    Number of Americans whose annual carbon dioxide output is equivalent to 46,200 tonnes


    Number of Olympic swimming pools 46,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide would fill


    Most of the energy used by the conference is from coal-fired power stations that power the electricity grid ...

    ... while temporary buildings housing delegation offices were cited as particularly wasteful as they are not well-insulated and are warmed by oil heaters..........