Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please, let’s not waste time and money on another useless public inquiry

What a curious country we live in. Members of our opposition parties, in their efforts to discredit our government, are trashing our country and its top generals at home and abroad.

What sort of self-hating creatures travel thousands of miles to Copenhagen to trash their own country and to curry favour with a bunch of self-serving fat cats, dictators from third-world countries and left-wing hangers on who believe Canada is destroying the world’s environment?

In Ottawa, the opposition has the bit between their teeth and are hell bent to destroy the Conservative government over the Afghan detainee file. If there is criticism to be levied, it’s that Canada remained in Afghanistan in any official way once the Taliban government had been unseated and replaced. The mission was over at that point. After that we’ve had “mission creep” and its meant billions of dollars wasted on that wretched medieval country and its backward, cruel people.

I can see nothing of value coming out of PM Stephen Harper calling a Canadian public inquiry over Afghanistan torturing Afghan prisoners. That’s their business.

As I have written before, wars are not for the faint of heart. They are brutal, frightening things to be avoided at almost any cost. But once declared, we owe it to those of our military who fight on the front lines to be resolute and to use any and all means to conduct the war expeditiously while protecting the lives of those who are on our side of the conflict.

War is like politics, it makes for strange bedfellows. We’re stuck with allies who themselves are stuck somewhere in the medieval past. That’s one of the many prices we have to pay for our involvement in Afghanistan, and I for one am prepare to hold my nose until 2011 when our commitment transpires.

In wartime, I’m willing to cut our military a lot of slack and not put too fine a point on international law. Neither will I make grand sweeping condemnations of what I consider inhumane, when what is most inhumane is our soldiers having to fight the war in Afghanistan in the first place.

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  1. I am for sending the opposition outside the wire to talk to those farmers without the protection of our sons and daughters, any takers?

    I would also support the Green opposition members a fact finding mission to travel up north for a more up to date polar bear count.

  2. Dippers and BLOC and all but a few Liberals did NOT want to extend the Afghan mission.
    They have no quams about insulting and injuring our military.

    If they could crush the pride we have in the Afghan mission, they will succeed in Canadians being very reluctant to ever go to war again.
    That would suit the NDP, BLOC and most Liberals just fine.

  3. Thanks for this. I agree but now that so much politicing and moralizing has been draped across Canadian papers and TV, I fear that the Int'l Courts may weigh in to usurp our jurisdiction. It is just so utterly pathetic what has gone on in Ottawa and I don't care which party is or was in power. It's just been shameless.