Thursday, December 3, 2009

Elizabeth May couldn’t get the job done

The leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, has demonstrated once again why Canadian voters have, over more than a quarter of a century, repeatedly rejected her hyperbole and intellectual dishonesty. In a Munk Debate held on Dec. 1 at Toronto, she and British journalist George Monbiot were defeated by Lord Nigel Lawson and Bjorn Lomberg, and May was by far the least effective of the four.

The debate resolution was “Be it resolved climate change is mankind's defining crisis, and demands a commensurate response.” May and Monbiot argued for the affirmative and lost to the two well-known skeptics.

Before the debate, the 1,100 people in the audience cast ballots, with 61 per cent supporting the resolution. At the end of the debate, support had fallen to 53%.

Instead of using rational argument, scientific evidence and some clear thinking Ms. May resorted to ad hominem argument and even tried to link climate change with AIDS in Africa.

Ms. May seems incapable of coherently making her case for Canadians to spend billions of dollars to reverse climate change—much of those billions to be in the form of transfers of hard-earned wealth to less fortunate nations. It is not at all surprising, therefore, that her party lacks credibility among most voters.

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  1. The warmest explaination of how global warming spreads Aids.
    Because of global warming, there is drought, then African men leave their homes in search of (?), then they lay with other women and bring home Aids.

    As the skeptics rebutted,
    handing out condoms is trillions of dollars cheaper than their agenda.

  2. May was quoting a government minister from Lesotho who was speaking about the aids problem in Lesotho.

    You're saying that you or the two Europeans on the con side know more about Lesotho than one of Lesotho's government ministers?

    Also when Europeans think they know more about Africa than Africans it has a tendency of ending badly. Just ask a Tutsi.

  3. Elizabeth May is a brave warrior who cares more about baby polar bears than you do!

    Do it for the Polar Bears

  4. Dave Bagler,

    Read Wilson's comment above--that's the junk science Elizabeth May relies on. I don't care who she was quoting, when asked directly in the debate, she took personal ownership for her words.

  5. Marx, Ms. May is neither brave or a warrior, and I doubt she cares a nickel's worth about anything but herself.

    BTW, no more links to that blog post--you've sent my blog two and that should be enough free publicity.