Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does Sarah Palin now support public health care?

My wife, a breast cancer survivor, has been a past supporter of the Juravinski Cancer Centre at Hamilton, Ontario, but I doubt she’ll be a financial supporter after reading in the Hamilton Spectator newspaper that former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is coming to Hamilton on April 15, 2010 to raise money for the Centre and St. Peter’s Hospital.

Apparently, former vice-presidential candidate Palin will be paid around $200,000 for her speech—her going rate for an appearance. Organizers hope to sell 1,000 tickets at $200 a plate, but raise more from selling photos with her.

If this organization can afford that kind of money for the barely coherent Palin, they certainly don’t need any of our hard-earned cash. What would prompt someone to invite such a vocally anti-public-healthcare advocate to speak here? For that matter, why invite a foreigner, any foreigner?

Public opinion appears strongly against this folly. I’m not surprised.

Wouldn’t it have been cheaper had the organizers engaged her speech writer to make the appearance—she/he probably would be more welcome.

In fact, they could simply play the above video to their well-heeled audience to get across the gist of Palin’s view of Canadian health care.

Apparently, Palin is being hired by a group of volunteers who are trying to revive celebrity fundraising dinners that were popular in Hamilton in the 1990s. Celebrities such as actors Michael Douglas and Sophia Loren came, as did former presidents and other leaders, including George Bush, Sr. and Bill Clinton, Israeli president Shimon Peres and former British leader Margaret Thatcher. And I gather that Carmen’s Banquet Centre is putting up Palin’s appearance fee.

Those were, to a person, people of accomplishments and of distinction, and neither of these descriptions fit Palin in any way.

Just goes to show that sometimes smart people make dumb choices. I wouldn’t pay two cents to hear Palin speak on any topic.

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  1. I'd pay $200 to see her. I'd pay more to reduce the iron clad grip socialists hold over our health care system.

    The only truly fast, efficient, and effective health care I've ever received (CT scan) is the one I personally paid for.

    I won't even get into my nightmare public hospital experiences.

  2. Disagree. Even if you don't like her she would be very interesting to hear. Sometimes people are very different in person than when seen via the media.

  3. I suppose the cancer center figures this is going to be a money maker and it's a business decision not a political one. But as I know nothing about the people running this aspect of the CC, could be wrong.

    I'll assume further that Palin is a hot ticket on the dinner and speech circuit,and is expected to make the night a net gain for cancer research.

    Personally, I'd have booked Russell Peters, him I'd gladly pay to see.


  4. Better your 200 bucks than mine, Canary.

  5. Wow you must have quite a hate on for Palin,she is a draw and this is about raising money and awareness. Perhaps if we had a different health care system hospitals would not have to engage in such fund raisers,one would think you and your spouse would support the opportunity for the cancer center to raise their profile and money. It takes money to make money.
    Anger is bad for the immune system,venting helps hope you feel better.

  6. You sure are quick to throw the word "hate" around, David. I can't think of a single person in the world that I hate. There are some, however, for whom I have little or no respect.

    Thanks for the gratuitous "medical" advice though.