Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dirty tricks at Liberal-ville

Here’s something that would make average Canadians sick to their stomachs, unless, of course, they are Liberals. Reuters Canada reports that Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal party of Canada displayed on its official Web site “… a doctored photo of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot and killed in which Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's face was substituted for Oswald’s.”

And not satisfied with that, the LPC also had displayed “… another doctored photo of [Prime Minister] Harper with his fist in a cow’s posterior, which it had offered as one of the ‘best seven’ depicting where Harper would rather be than in Copenhagen.”

We are reminded that in the last federal election campaign, Prime Minister Harper had to apologize because the Tory Web site had a video of a puffin pooping as it flew over former Liberal leader, Stéphane Dion. What an outcry we heard from outraged Liberals back then.

Apparently, the images have been removed. According to Liberal Party spokesman, Mario Laguë (more on him later), “These pictures are submitted by the public, but any offensive image should not be put up. The Oswald picture clearly falls in that category and was taken down very quickly. It was wrong to have it up and we apologize for letting this one slip by.”

Letting this one “slip by?” Is that what happened? A picture depicting our country’s prime minister being assassinated slipped by whoever is responsible for content on the LPC’s official Web site? Really. Who is the gate keeper I wonder? Warren Kinsella? Peter Donolo? De facto leader, Bob Rae, perhaps? Or was it the figurehead, Michael Ignatieff?

My money is on Mario Laguë, who I believe is Ignatieff’s communications director—he’s a man with a past consistent with such questionable politics. Laguë served as former PM Paul Martin’s communication director and is well-remembered for trying to spin the sponsorship and advertising scandal(Adscam) as something better than the tawdry mess it was, to the point that the MSM dubbed him as “Martin’s spin doctor.”

Laguë was the senior public servant in charge of the then Liberal government’s communications strategies during most of the Adscam scandal, but he denied any knowledge that “people were actually stealing money.”

Here’s something previously published in 2004 by Andrew Coyne about this individual:

“… he was questioned by investigators from the auditor general’s office over poor record-keeping at the Privy Council Office from 1998-2003 where he was the assistant secretary to cabinet’s communications committee, headed by former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano. He also admitted having several meetings on the sponsorship program with Chuck Guite, the former public works official at the centre of the fiasco and one of several people blamed by Auditor General Sheila Fraser for bending the rules to select Quebec advertising firms in a covert fight against separatism. While Guite talked to him in ‘general terms about the need (for Ottawa) to be visible’ in Quebec, Laguë stressed he had no idea of any wrongdoing in the program. ... Hired as assistant deputy minister in charge of communications strategy in 1998 after working on the 1995 Quebec referendum, Lague denied the $250-million sponsorship program was ever raised at Gagliano’s cabinet committee or in other discussions he was involved in.”

Later on, the Grit government appointed Laguë as Canada’s ambassador to Costa Rica—how the worthy are rewarded.

Yes, folks, they are back in charge at Liberal-ville.

You can read more about this at the Blue Like You blog.

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  1. I suspect the Liberal party put that picture on their site since they realize that's the only way they can beat Harper.
    Liberal bloggers and the CBC are becoming more strident in their attempts to discredit the Tories. A sure sign that they know they are becoming increasing irrelevant.

  2. I knew this contest was going to turn into a nightmare for the Liberals from the minute they conceived of it.

  3. In the cow pic, read the fine print, he’s not wearing any pants


  4. Now we know what the climategate hackers have been up to lately. They hacked the LPC web site and the Liberals are too embarrassed to admit it.

  5. Was this worse than the Conservative website actually designed by the Party showing bullet gunshots at Stephane Dion and other Liberal MPs? No apology from the Conservatives for that and that was up for weeks, not minutes.

    The faux outrage over this stupid kids mistake is such an obvious attempt at changing the channel from Harper's contempt of Parliament and his embarrassment on the world stage in Copenhagen.

  6. More Liberal misinformation, Old School? I expect better of you.

    "pooping puffin distracted federal political leaders Tuesday [Sep. 9, 2008] from their policy pronouncements and forced Stephen Harper to make a rare apology to his main rival, Stéphane Dion.

    The ad was posted on the Tory website Monday night [Se. 8, 2008]. It was hastily pulled Tuesday morning [Sep. 9, 2008] after reporters started asking politicians about it… .

    My source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/article708371.ece

    Please, no more fibs :-)

  7. Russ:

    I'm not even talking about the juvenile pooping puffin website.

    I'm talking about the website the Conservative Party designed (not some photoshopped pic submitted by a supporter) showing a picture of Dion and several Liberal MPs and bullet holes being shot all around him.

    I am not aware of them ever apologizing for that. And that was up for at least several days if not several weeks.

    With respect, please don't assert I am saying something that I am not.

  8. Old School,

    I apologize for misrepresenting your comment. I misread it and reacted. I did not mean to put words in your mouth.

  9. Hey, Russ, no apology necessary, but appreciated nonetheless.

  10. Someone who desperately wanted to see bulletholes in that image was going to see them.

    But, by the same token, bulletholes tend to be round. The holes in the allegedly offending image were not.

    There's a big difference between photoshopping an image of the Prime Minister being shot, and creating an image of Stephane Dion with holes being poked in the background -- which was precisely what was being done to his policies at the time.

  11. I agree, Patrick, but the Grits are desperately trying to show equivalency--it's a favourite ploy of theirs--even if they have to use a lot of imagination to make their case.

  12. Um, folks, then why did they add the gun shot sound effect or draw a gun in Ignatieff's hand?

    Weren't you the same folks saying the opposition were showing signs of desperation by jumping from faux scandal and outrage to faux scandal and outrage instead of addressing issues that mattered to Canadians?

    Conservatives: Our principles don't apply to us.

  13. Sound effects? What on earth is this guy blathering about?

    As for the gun in Ignatieff's hand, I suspect it's to remind people that Ignatieff's a good deal more hawkish than previous Liberal leaders.