Thursday, December 31, 2009

Closing the door and moving on

We seem to be ending the decade on a mixed note. Politically, Stephen Harper’s Tories are deftly walking the minority government tightrope and have consistently outmaneuvered the Michael Ignatieff-led opposition. On the other hand, the economy is not rebounding quite as quickly a one might like, and this could prove problematic in 2010.

I’m looking forward to the new year with the Winter Olympics and a possible gold-medal performance from our world-champion junior team being among of the major highpoints. Too bad we can’t see at least one championship team closer to home, but that’s too much to hope for.

One big question is: will we have a federal general election in 2010? I’m inclined to believe that we will if the polls in March show strong support for the Tories. A poison pill in the March 2010 budget is probably all we’ll need. I doubt that even Michael Ignatieff could stomach the further embarrassment of supporting another government budget if it contained a really nasty twist.

I’ll be reprising my habit of making “losing weight” a top New Year resolution—wish me luck, I need to knock off 15 to 20 pounds. It’ll be easy: all I have to do is keep my mouth shut and walk two to three miles every day. We’ll see…

For me the past decade was one of transition from the corporate world to spending the bulk of my time photographing nature and blogging. With luck the upcoming decade will be more of the same, with hopefully a few less passings to mourn.

I’m never too fond of looking back in time, so I’ll content myself with closing the door on the decade-ending 2009 and moving on.

Happy New Year everyone!

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