Friday, November 13, 2009

Warren Kinsella’s still in the Grit war room

The rumour yesterday that Warren Kinsella would be among the recent exodus from the Opposition Leader’s Office (OLO) have apparently been proved to be untrue. According to the Globe and Mail this morning, the former Jean Chrétien speechwriter will not be shown the door as head of the Michael Ignatieff Liberal war room.

Mr. Ignatieff has lost several of his senior staff: former chief of staff Ian Davey and former communications director Jill Fairbrother, two senior aides, Alexis Levine and Mark Sakamoto and most recently Dan Brock, principal secretary. But Kinsella apparently will remain on the job.

“I objected to what I perceived to be [Michael Ignatieff’s] breathtaking arrogance—calling Canada a ‘herbivorian boy scout’ one day, then jetting up here to run it the next.”

- Warren Kinsella
as reported by the
National Post

Exactly why Kinsella continues to serve Michael Ignatieff is unclear to me. Back in 2006 he hurled some pretty nasty criticism Mr. Ignatieff’s way. For those who might have missed it or forgotten, refresh your memory with this post by the Alberta Ardvark and this from the National Post.

Pretty strong stuff indeed—worthy of the most partisan Tory. How can someone say stuff like this one day and work for the man—in the war room of all places—the next. It must say something unflattering about the man’s character. Kinsella wasn’t just for some other leadership candidate, he was vehemently anti-Ignatieff.

Mr. Ignatieff seems to be taking Sun-Tzu’s advice: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”


  1. "Survivor" Ottawa

    Who will be booted next week?
    Stay tuned.....

  2. So Kinsella is staying, is he? Good. Very good. He is exactly the one that Tories everywhere are hoping will survive the Liberal purge.

  3. best news I've heard yet - the grits keeping this ankle-biter is the best way to tory heaven

  4. Maybe Worn Kantsellit is actually working for the Tories due to his dislike of Iggy?

    I certainly would help to explain their drop in the polls as well as their recent penchant for mini scandals of the day, which has turned them into the Whining Bitch Party of Canada.

    Keep up the great work, Warren!

  5. Great news! As long as Iggy keeps this dope on his staff we can count on a steady diet of laughing stock accusations and embarrassing (for the Liberals) stunts. This goof thinks he is back in the days before the PCs and Alliance got together and that he can therefore make the most ridiculous statements without fear of paying a political price. I saw this clown on the tube today (for about 2 minutes before I switched channels) and he is still harping about a Tory hidden agenda.

  6. Keeping WK inside the tent may be smarter than allowing him outside.

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Sun-tzu Chinese general & military strategist

  7. Kinsella has shot his bolt; his gutter-snipe tactics (there never was a strategy) just don't hit home anymore. The halcyon days of fear- and hate-mongering are over.
    For instance, the Grits claimed for years that conservatives have a hidden agenda. Many of us plebs have come to wonder how, if it's hidden, the Liberals know about it, and why they won’t share its particulars? We’re still waiting…

  8. What is Warren J. Kinsella's status in Iggy's office? Is he a volunteer, a consultant under paid contract, or a paid employee? This is an important question...