Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Janine Krieber’s Facebook posting

I’ve been following the reaction to Janine Krieber’s—the wife of Stéphane Dion—recent Facebook post in which she castigates the Liberal Party of Canada and its leader Michael Ignatieff. Of course, the LPC’s spokespersons would have us believe this was the opinion of one person who is not particularly influential in the party. Some even hint at sour grapes from the wife of the former leader.

I don’t believe this for a second.

Ms. Krieber is not just some average member of the LPC—far from it. Nor is her Facebook posting an angry outburst in reaction to the ouster of Mr. Dion—too much time has passed.

I believe Ms. Krieber has thought long and hard about this and has echoed the opinions and frustrations of a significant number of Liberals who see their new leader test levels of party popularity that are even lower than in Stéphane Dion’s time.

The Toronto centric leader of the official opposition and his advisors can find no traction for their barrage of half-truths and disinformation that have characterized their strategy to date. Some left-leaning members of the LPC are frustrated, and those backing Bob Rae are apparently in open revolt against Mr. Ignatieff’s inept political leadership.

Michael Ignatieff has so much baggage from his prolific musings in print, it sometime hampers the LPC’s ability to create wedge issues that will separate them from the centre-hugging Conservatives, and, let’s face it, Michael Ignatieff has been a dismal failure as a political leader.  This combination has many questioning whether his party can survive as a national entity without some sort of unite-the-left merger with the New Democrats. And such an accommodation with the left-wing New Democrats will require someone like Bob Rae at the helm.

Political parties do implode—even ones which were very popular at some point. For evidence of that, consider the fate of the Union National in Quebec and the federal Progressive Conservatives. Could the LPC be next to face extinction?

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  1. At last a credible look at Krieber's comments. In regards to the current Liberal party in general and Iggy in particular, she is right on. Somebody has to scream the obvious from the hills. To be silent is the death knell of the Libs and their timid supporters. It's time to take stock and walk the walk. Get a new leader, Libs, and lets get some opposition to the Con manifesto going on.