Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ezra Levant takes on the Post’s Don Martin

Ezra Levant, in yesterday’s post on his blog, gave an example of the recent spate of Tory bashing ideas that almost certainly are dreamed up by Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal war room and disseminated to Grit-friendly journalists and broadcasters.

Mr. Levant points out the inaccuracies in Mr. Martin’s recent column about how the Olympic torch route is heavily biased towards Conservative ridings.

I’ve noticed a consistent bias against the Conservatives on the part of Mr. Martin in both his columns in the National Post and in his comments during frequent appearances on TV. He doesn’t seem to like PM Stephen Harper at all, and that comes through clearly whenever he speaks or writes on the subject. Not really fair, but that’s life in Canadian journalism. I just wish a bit of professionalism would keep these guys from replaying the Grit party line at every opportunity, or when they do, they’d get their facts right.

On CTV’s Power Play yesterday afternoon they prattled on about the cost of Tory-originated 10-percenters and how Tories and other MPs abused the process. Criticism was levied mostly at the Tories and not a single mention was heard of the most egregious 10-percenter in recent memory: that of Toronto MP Dr. Carolyn Bennett in which she makes several spurious claims without a single scrap of evidence to back up any of them while using the image of a distressed first-nation child to spread Bennett’s disgraceful bit of political spin.

Mr. Martin called the Levant’s post a “cheap shot,” but, as pointed out by Mr. Levant, Martin doesn’t explain “how it’s a cheap shot; either his facts were correct or they weren’t; either my [Levant’s] criticisms are correct or they aren’t.”

Watching Don Martin and the on-air staff of the five o’clock political news shows is like watching propaganda arms of the Liberal Party of Canada in action. The odd neutral, even mildly complimentary, comment about the Tories to pretend balance totally imbedded in an hour of relaying the most recent Grit war room nonsense and a whole lot of government-bashing. Even the rare compliments thrown the Tory’s way are usually tinged with irony or sarcasm.

But that’s Canadian journalism.

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  1. Canadian journalism is not in very good shape these days - with schillers for the liberal war room blasting away at all things Tory (without ever checking their facts), and many commentater/bloggers shrinking from the ass-kicking litigation freaks, - but strange how the public seems to becoming aware of these tactics and moving ever so slightly right - thank you for your perspective

  2. Do you think the "free fall" or collapse of the support for the Liberals has anything to do with the extremism coming from the media lately?

  3. What about the 10%er send by Hedy Fry re our Flag.
    At least our 10%ers have truth and facts in them.

  4. No, Canadian Sense, I don't think media extremism is behind the "free fall" of the Liberals. Personally, i believe it is the absolute lack of leadership they see in Michael Ignatieff, that Canadians are rejecting.

  5. So true, MaryT. Also most 10-percenters do go to the MP's riding. And a well written, informative communication is always welcome. those which are intended to deceive are a shameful waste of money--like the one from Toronto's MP Bennett, which found its way to Northern Manitoba and was full of falsehoods.

  6. RC,

    I did not mean to suggest the Media are responsible for the Liberal free fall. They simply can't stop it.

    I agree Canadians are not buying into the Liberal Party or the bias of some media outlets. I have noted since 2004 many more Canadians have stopped showing up and voting for them.

    My point is the "media" is linked to keeping the LPOC as a credible alternative party that is competitive.

    If the outcome looks like a foregone conclusion and the LPOC are unlikely to make any substantial gains we have a repeat of a CPC minority or a majority.

  7. Canadian Sense, it seems to me that as the Tories rise in the polls the media bias becomes more noticeable and blatant. It's almost like the MSM are panicking that there could be a Conservative majority and their Liberal sensibilities are offended.

  8. Agreed. The media bias has existed for years. I don't think the lack of balance has increased or decreased. The tabloid style TMZ reporting has existed for years.

    The public is just tuning out the SPIN a little more. The benefit of 200+ channels with nothing on!

    Most reasonable people no longer trust the media to report without a bias. Everyone is shooting themselves in the face.

    I can't understand how the media can't see the connection of reporting fake silly stories to get rating damages the credibility of their own brand.

    The media Bubble Boy, Wafers, Bodybags, Torch Relay etc demostrate a serious breakdown in any intergrity or serious journalism.

    No research or digging into the facts underneath the story. The media have become like the ambulance chasing lawyers advertising on Billboards (US).

  9. as the Tories rise in the polls the media bias becomes more noticeable and blatant. It's almost like the MSM are panicking.

    RC, Question is "WHY? Why is the media so set against the Conservatives to behaviour in such a manner,.

    If I was a reporter, I would sooner ask a conservative a question knowing I would get a straight forward answer from them than I would from the liberals.

  10. Good question, Jen.

    I believe the vast majority of Canadian Media are liberals and socialists at heart. Consider how few conservative-leaning newspapers there are.

    Liberals like to hire liberals and on it goes as they all seek out the like-minded.