Sunday, November 29, 2009

The disgrace that is the current Grand River (Caledonia) land dispute

This past week has provided yet another example of the fundamental ineptness of the McGuinty government and its I-govern-you-serve attitude towards the residents of Ontario, the very people it is supposed to be serving. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees all citizens equal treatment under the law, but Premier Dalton McGuinty doesn’t seem to give a damn.

Those following the court case at Hamilton, Ontario—$7-million lawsuit filed by Caledonia residents, David Brown, Dana Chatwell and their son, Dax Chatwell—will no doubt have been sickened by the “flag incident” demonstrating the lack of equal treatment under the law that the non-native residents of the town of Caledonia have suffered since February 2006, when a band of Mohawk hooligans calling themselves “Warriors” took over the Douglas Creek Estates subdivision (private property) in that town as part of a land-claims dispute.

In an infuriatingly disgraceful display (video) of uneven and heavy-handed law enforcement, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) forcibly prevented the display of the Canadian flag by a non-native resident, but a few weeks later the OPP protected demonstrators (video) who flew native flags and the Canadian flag with the Maple Leaf cut out before being tossed in mud without consequence.

Here are a few examples from the National Post of lawlessness that the OPP have allowed without consequences:

“They [group of Mohawks] chased the OPP from the site [Douglas Creek Estates subdivision] in April 2006, burned a wooden trestle bridge to the ground, erected tire barricades across municipal streets and set the tires ablaze, pushed a minivan off an overpass and destroyed a power company transformer. They roughed up an elderly couple who inadvertently crossed their path, assaulted a television news camera crew they believed had taken footage of them being violent, and even stole a police vehicle and attempted to run down an OPP officer.”

This, by the way, did not happen somewhere faraway in the third world. It happened about an hour and a half ride from the Legislative Assembly at Queen’s Park.

The rule of law has been suspended in Caledonia and does not apply to the hooligans and squatters who claim to be protesters, and that’s okay with the OPP and with Dalton McGuinty.

Mr. McGuinty: how many more years of your disregard of the rule of law can we expect?

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  1. Paper Tigers comes to mind. All hat and no cattle also comes to mind.

    Bottom line these Liberals, like Liberals everywhere are racist to their very core. It's a crime if white folks do it but it's OK if Indians do it.

    If that's not racism, what is?

  2. McGuinty and Fantino are weaklings, and like many weaklings are bullies at heart. If you do not belong to a union, or a designated non-white protest group, than the laws of Ont. will be rigorously applied. If you do, then feel free to block highways, occupy private property and ignore all laws. Faced with a recent threat to block 401 by a group of Mohawks, Fantino closed the highway for them.
    An example is the treatment of cigarettes.McGuinty foreced corner store owners to build cabints to hide fags, at their expense. In the meantime Ont. loses hundreds of millions tax revenue through illegal sales by natives.

    The law to be effective must have the implied threat of force behind it. In Caledonia there is no threat, Fantino will not risk the safety of his officers. He is not a cop, but like McGuinty a liberal politician. Not your father's Ontario.