Monday, October 26, 2009

Wheels falling off the little red Liberal wagon

The wheels seem to be falling off the little red Liberal wagon. Last week Ontario’s Liberal deputy premier George Smitherman’s set the record straight by disputing the federal Liberal claim of favouritism in the distribution of stimulus spending.

On the Weekend, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, told Canadians in an interview by CTV’s Craig Oliver that the government’s plan to get us out of recession has worked. We are now out of the recession and can expect our economy to grow in 2010—even without Grits at the helm. Go figure.

And, despite all the bleating about Tory misbehaviour—and even with CTV news staff cheering them on from the sidelines—the Liberals continue their slide in the polls.

“The Liberals, these days, just have no traction at all,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of polling firm Ipsos Reid. Ipsos found 40% of survey respondents said they would vote Conservative. And the Conservatives appear to be surging in Ontario, opening a nine-point lead—41 per cent to 32 percent—over the Liberals. That’s majority territory, folks.

Things look pretty bad for Michael Ignatieff, eh? Well not so bad they couldn’t get worse. We now know that the Liberals have known all along that the Tories are not guilty of unethical behaviour, but still they flooded Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson’s office and other government agencies with dozens of spurious complaints, clogging up the system in a desperate attempt to fool Canadians and discredit PM Stephen Harper and his Tories.

“I don’t think it’s unethical conduct, on top of that there is no provision in the Conflict of Interest Act that would address what happened.”

- Paul Szabo
Liberal MP for
Mississauga South

According to The Hill Times, the Liberals very own House Ethics Committee chair Paul Szabo (Liberal MP for Mississauga South) said it will be difficult to find any breaches of the ethics code. He said:

“It’s certainly a political stunt, probably isn’t in good taste, in good form, but I doubt very much that it’s a breach.

“I don’t think it’s unethical conduct, on top of that there is no provision in the Conflict of Interest Act that would address what happened. It may fall under the guidelines for ministers, ... which lay out ethical conduct, [but] the person to whom people are responsible for those Public Office Holders is the prime minister and the prime minister will determine whether they were ethical or not.”

Stunning. Here we have the Liberals’ own House Ethics Committee chair telling us there is no breach of the ethics code—and how could the Grit MPs not have consulted him… don’t they trust their own House ethics expert? And even so, they convinced Tom Clark and other folks at CTV to spend over a week of network air time demonizing the Conservative government.

This is shameful behaviour and apparently Canadians are not buying what the Liberals are trying to sell.

Time to move on now. Can opposition MPs please stop wasting valuable time and money in this silly spurious witch hunt.

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  1. you are of course referring to the EAP that was forced upon the Tories after their failure of an economic statement (and all the statements about no recession, no deficit, et al) last year and the coalition that emerged from it, right?

  2. "Forced upon the Tories?" Hardly. The Economic Action Plan (EAP) that's working so well is entirely the work of the Tories--and thank God for that.

    Opposition parties opposed the EAP every step of the way.

    Now you claim you forced it on the Tories? Good grief!

  3. Me thinks, the investigative arm (the beaurocracy) of the ethics committee is a whole pile of Liberal appointees needing some work ...any work!
    The Liberal party probably needs some cash donations from the party faithfull.
    At work Liberals make better donaters.