Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue

Sarah Palin’s soon to be available book, Going Rogue: An American Life, has apparently reached best-selling status before a single copy has been sold. Although I don’t begrudge her any success she will have with the book, I am surprised that so many people are interested enough to lay out the purchase price.

For me, Gov. Palin has neither the intellect nor the age to have gained sufficient insight and experience to produce a compelling autobiography—a bit of too little too soon. Her life so far—especially her experiences as John McCain’s running mate—could make an worthwhile magazine article, but there’s not enough there to fill a book.

As to the boarder question of where this book fits in with any future political aspirations she may have? Obviously, it will help financially. But I don’t see it resonating beyond her base, and she already has that base pretty well on her side. And, unfortunately for the former governor, her base isn’t big enough—broad enough—to win her the White House.

Some Republican Party insiders like Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s former chief campaign strategist certainly aren’t fans. He is quoted today as saying that if former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin were to be the Republican nominee, it would be ‘catastrophic’ for the Republican Party. Ouch!

Judging by her performance as a vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin is not the deep-thinking type. Oh, she can appeal to her base in the religious-right and to some of the Joe-the-plumbers, and there’ll always be those who want every woman candidate to succeed. But she’ll never win that huge band of middle America who’ve been to college and know that a president needs more than common sense and a beautiful smile.

Americans tried a good-old-boy as president: George Bush the younger, and look where that got them. No way will the majority of them give a good-old-girl like Sarah Palin a second chance.

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  1. Palin decided the old corrupt Republican network in Alaska was bad for the state. She set about to kick them all out and replace them with an open and conservative option. She succeeded. She beat the incumbent governor and all his cronies to take the lead of the Republican party. She then went on to defeat the democrats.

    This is a REALLY remarkable feat. The old guys have a lot of power. This kind of result is almost never seen.

    As governor of Alaska, she put together the largest peacetime project in US history. She took on all the entrenched energy giants and ended up doing a contract with the best pipeline company in the world.

    She is moving on to look after her family and maybe have a go at the entrenched currupt Republicans in Washington. She did it once, maybe lightning will strike twice.

  2. BillM, sounds like you'll really enjoy Palin's new book.

    How many of your listed accomplishments, I winder, will now be overshadowed by her quitting her post part way through its term?

  3. Russ,
    I don't think her leaving her post will have much negative impact. The reason being that as long as she was there she was the target of dubious ethics probes and innuendo and Alaska as a whole was hostage to that. Now that she has stepped aside Alaska can focus on the business in hand and go about moving forward. In effect I am quibbling over the term "quitting" which has a negative connotation and implies more than is warranted in this case I believe. Nevertheless I won't be buying the book.

  4. Gerry, dozens of state governors routinely complete their terms even when under intense scrutiny--it's part of the job.

    I see it as worthy of criticism that Gov. Palin chose not to complete her term.

  5. Intense scrutiny is one thing, a deliberate, well-financed SLAPP campaign is another. But it appears that you are quite settled in your Palin-hate. (Just curious, since you belittled her intellect, what is your IQ, and what is hers?)

  6. My IQ is neither here nor there, Anon, as I haven't put myself forward as a vice-presidential candidate nor have I written an autobiography that I expect others to pay money for.

    And if your "Palin-hate" slur is the best you can come up with, then your own IQ is in doubt.

    Because I disagree with someone or even not like them doesn't mean I hate them. But then perhaps you don't understand the difference.