Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ruby Dhalla has become a loose canon in the Liberal tent

The former Liberal multiculturalism critic Ruby Dhalla, about whom the Toronto Star uncovered allegations of mistreatment by two caregivers who worked for the Dhalla family, has sparked speculation about her defecting to the conservatives. Sounds very unlikely to me that Ms. Dhalla, Liberal MP for Brampton-Springdale, would find a home in the CPC, but we know about politics making strange bedfellows.

Apparently, rumours have her defecting to the Conservatives because her own party has refused to back her private member’s bill to increase old-age benefits to immigrant seniors. Add to that the way her fellow Liberal MP’s quickly deserted her when she had her problems earlier this year.

A Conservative source suggested Ms. Dhalla was circulating the defection rumours to send a message to her own party about its rejection of her private member’s bill.

The Toronto Star has reported that as many as three Liberal MPs have indicated interest in crossing the floor to the Tory side in the past month. Apparently, Liberals immediately dismissed the talk as Conservative mischief, saying it is the government that is on a raiding mission. If there’s anything to the rumour, speculation is that Ms. Dhalla is not likely to be among the three defectors. So that puts the number of disgruntled Grit MPs at four.

While the defection of three or four Liberal MPs would not get the Tories into majority territory, it would be another blow to Michael Ignatieff, who just lost his Quebec lieutenant, Denis Coderre, in a tug-of-war over which candidate should run in the high-profile Montreal riding of Outremont.

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  1. If our left-plunging, conservative in name only (CINO) Prime Minister refuses to eliminate this category from, he must admend the bill to permanently refuse tax payers funds for everyone who entered Canada after their working years were over. This is a responsibility of their sponsors, not the over-taxed tax payers.


  2. Seems to me the Conservatives are likely to win Rubys' seat next election anyway so rather than a hold your nose and accept her into the fold there is more to be gained by taking the moral high ground and declining her offer.

  3. Dhalla would not be a good add to the team in any respect. Her reputation is not so good and her complete pandering to her constituency shows desperation rather than any sane political views. The CPC could easily find a quality person to run in Brampton to take her out I would think. (real conservative)

  4. I agree, Real C. I'm delighted, however, if this causes the Grits some discomfort.

    Here we have the LPC's leader, Michael Ignatieff, telling Canadians he wants a quick election even though we know his party is in disarray.

    Hypocrisy? Spinning the truth? Just being a Grit, I guess.

  5. Ruby Dhalla? We Can do Better