Sunday, October 4, 2009

PM Harper does the Beatles

Isn’t terrific that we have a prime minister who doesn’t take himself too seriously? At the National Arts Centre on Saturday night, Stephen Harper was playing a Beatles song backed by Yo-Yo Ma no less. And he did just fine—better than most would have guessed.

According to John Ivison of the National Post, the consensus at the National Arts Centre was that PM Harper’s surprise appearance and rendition of the Beatles’ 1967 classic, “With a Little Help From My Friends,” at the annual NAC gala was a political masterstroke. As Ivison stated:

“This is not a man who puts himself ‘out there’ and it must have taken considerable guts to have stepped onto a stage with one of the greatest musicians of our time.”

Few, if fair-minded, would argue that our prime minister lacks courage. Oh, they’ll be many who will ascribe the basest of motives to both him and Mrs. Harper, the gala’s honourary chair, who pushed the idea. But my guess is that ordinary Canadians will love this as much as I did.

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  1. I have neverthought him gutless this is a man who stood up to the Un and the G7 and changed the course of the climate change remember the kyoto accord and when he finished others started backing out of the kyoto accord this man has a alot of power on the world stage and people don't know that.

  2. Yeah he does sound like Ringo. Not bad!

  3. As an ordinary Canadian I must say I loved it. Well done PM Harper!

  4. Or is he just warbing a tune to change the channel from all the incompetence and mismanagement currently going on?

    This stunt only has a temporary shelf life, kids. Had it been an election - maybe it would have helped. Now its just a blip, and any attempt to repeat it would make it even more of a (pathetic) PR stunt.

    Remember, nixon played a piano, quite well actually (and wrote his own tunes), and Ashcroft sang too. Tell me how well they fared politically? As for Ivison who regularly fellates the CPC on the pages of the National Pest, its unsurprising he'd use the hyperbolic phrase "Master Stroke"...but i digress.

    Common sense and independent thinking? is to laugh.

  5. Another anonymous drive-by slur, Anon 2:04 AM. Sneer and belittle all you will, Canada is rated the 4th best country in the world to live in and the Tories made that so.