Saturday, October 17, 2009

One cheque with the Tory party’s logo on it does not a scandal make

The Conservative-logo-on-a-cheque issue is flogged to death on our national television news and public affairs shows, but the issue does not seem to be gaining much traction among the general population, most of whom see all politicians as crooks or nearly so.

Decades of scandal after scandal on both sides of our border have created a jaundiced view of politicians—not much is expected of them. I hold a somewhat jaded view myself. I especially dislike the hypocrisy of gotcha politics and the building of mountains out of mole hills by rival political parties of all stripes.

And this is especially egregious when our television networks heap scorn on one party while using material they are fed by partisan party insiders. Watching Tom Clark, et al, on CTV’s Power Play these past few days is to see broadcast journalism at its tawdry worst.

Tom was flogging the fact that there is a link on the government’s economic action plan Web site to the prime minister’s recent piano-playing debut at the National Arts Centre. Of course there was a link. There are many links on the site. One link was to a site that happened to be featuring the piano-playing video—and what’s wrong with that?

This is nitpicking at its worst.

By the way, the link “exposé” was sent to the CTV staff by Grit hit man, Warren Kinsella, according to Jane Taber a CTV staffer who is frequently on the show.

Sep. 16, 2009 – Ottawa’s $200 million contribution in infrastructure stimulus funding for Toronto will help get work started on over 500 citywide construction projects valued at nearly $600 million.

The funding is expected to preserve or create close to 7,000 jobs in the city and the federal portion is drawn from Ottawa’s $4 billion infrastructure stimulus fund.

- Daily Commercial News

I noticed also that when one panelist pointed out that Toronto—a Tory MP free zone—has received hundreds of millions in stimulus funds, even before the latest dustup, Tom Clark quickly cut him off to talk about some nonsensical trivial nitpick he’d discovered about signs touting stimulus spending on a government building.

Even on the day the show aired, Stephen Harper was announcing another federal handout to Toronto.

Liberals are supposed to critique actions and policies of governments—we all understand that. But really, should the purpose of public affairs shows be to provide a soapbox for the likes of ultra partisan Warren Kinsella?

To hear Tom Clark and his Grit puppeteers tell the story, no Conservative can ever link his or her name or image to any government action—a ridiculous concept. If the Liberals want credit for government actions, they should dump Michael Ignatieff and get an effective, committed-Canadian to lead their party and force and win an election at the polls.

And listening to Clark, one gets the feeling he can’t wait for Canadians to start dying from H1N1 flu so he can blame the PM for that too. I thought the delivery of health care was a provincial responsibility. How about him directing his “probing” inquiries at the provincial premiers and health ministers?

One cheque with the Tory party’s logo on it does not a scandal make. As to the other dozens of examples offered, “inoffensive” would best sum them up.

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  1. The Liberal Party and Lib bloggers are in a panic desperation cycle. The numbers are now in the Dion range and no election has been called. (100 year historical low)

    A dramatic drop in opinion 51% against MI in mid October-Angus Poll.

    CTV,Toronto Star, CBC may try to revive the Liberal Party with silly stories.

    Whether it is wafers, bodybags, olympic logos and now oversized cheques, they don't understand how they are forcing the public to revisit the real scandals under the previous liberal government to compare them.

    Billion Dollar HR Jane Stewart, Adscam vs CPC "faux" scandals.

    Perception vs Reality. Some of the partisan liberals and the advisors are simply compounding poor decisions because of anxiety and stress.

    They don't understand the tactical errors from these continued knee jerk reactions. They have cried wolf too often and don't realize the public have tuned them out.

    The third quarter and fourth quarter will show their financials show no improvement. Rossi has not pre-announced his numbers for Q3. Red Flag!

  2. Another great post Russ. I’d say you earned a Hat Trick with this one.

    I especially liked the bit about Clark seemingly being excited about the prospect of blaming the Conservatives for any flu deaths. I can’t be bothered to watch these clowns any more, but this would agree with my past observation of their act.

    It really is an indication of how desperate the Media are to get the Libs back in power.
    I feel pretty certain that theirs a unspoken financial agreement between these two groups of nefarious characters. This whole “Save Local TV” schlock will be the “Get Away Car” that’ll be used to funnel tax payer’s money to these schemers.

  3. Tom Clark also showed a picture of the federal building in Charlottetown, PEI and made great "fun" of the big sign out in front showing stimulas money being used in that building and stated the only thing that was done was a replacement of a door..... This is a blatant lie.... electrical and plumbing were completely revamped... new toilets were installed...Why didn't he check to really see just how much money was spent on that building - but instead listened to his liberal hacks....I would think before he aired such blatant lies, he should of checked facts out like that.... I immediately wrote him on this error because he stated it several times.... He owes the Canadian people an apology.... although I know liberals do not apologize.... I also find if the liberals do anything wrong, he digs and digs until he find something in the Conservatives past to be able to say - it is okay, the tories did it, just to help his liberals out...but if the conservatives slip up - send them to the wolves... He never bothered to say that back in 2000 stated in the National Post - Chretien stated - "We are the Government - I don't see why we can't try to get credit for what we do... There is nothing to be ashamed in that"... But after all - who would look to Chretien for advice on ethics... The liberals were responsible for the most egregious assault on the public purse ever - The sponsorship Scandle! but Tom never mentions that.... Write him at and give him a piece of your mind.... I sure did and plan to again!

  4. It's up to the Conservative Party to manage this association of "scandal" with "publicity stunts". I've watched "respected" news media types linking this cheque-presentation with the Liberal Adscam. Totally ridiculous...but remember not many Canadians read more than headlines regarding politics. If the Conservatives don't speak out strongly on this point - it could stick... Warren Kinsella thinks he has a winner, and it is a story staying in the news...

  5. I agree with your very good point, Ann. The Grits and MSM are controlling the story and the Tories are reacting. The Tories have to get ahead of the story.

  6. There is a wedge here if Harper decides to go for the jugular...and it would make WK find he needs a change of undergarments if it came to pass.

    The logic goes like this.

    The liberals are "outraged" at the so-called use of tax payers dollars for partisan use. In even more common language, they don't want tax dollars being used by political parties.
    That means they should be 100% in favour of legislation that stops such a practice, right?
    Therefore, how would the opposition react now if Harper tabled a motion to eliminate that $1.95 per vote subsidy?
    After all this outrage over "partisan spending" this a confidence motion that the liberals should be 100% in support of.
    Of course, they would then have the choice of going to the voters with a blatantly contridictory message.
    Perhaps over the next week this argument could presented to the lib trolls to ask if they favour the elimination of that subsidy.
    Any bets on their reaction?

  7. Gimbo,

    the bedwetters in Narnia and proponents of Junk Science are not consistent.

    They will not stand up or peer review or serious debte.

    The Liberal leader has already backed down from his latest threat to withdraw their non confidence of the government on every Bil.

    The entire "principle decision" has been undermined by Polls and MP's who can't stop complaining to the MSM as "anon" Liberal sources.

    At 30% POP, Denis Coderre's, Martin Cauchon, Bob Rae's public smackdown of Iffy and his Rosedale gang demostrates how weak the leader has become in making routine decisions.

  8. wrong, it's a Tory scam that is going to get bigger and bigger as journalists finally get off their asses. You created a new law, but Tory Law and Order is always just a scam, like Mike Harris, break the law when you want, you think you're above your own law, you guys are going down in history like Lyin Brian Mulroney, you wouldn't know an an ethic if you tripped over it, like you're doing now.

  9. Whoa! Jerry, slow down, man. Sounds like you've had a bad day, fellow.

    You haven't ever met me, but you can write "… you wouldn't know an an ethic if you tripped over it…". That's really sad, man.

    So much hate.

  10. Jerry Prager,

    I don't think anyone dispute the new communications policy passed by the government in support with the NDP.

    How did the Liberals vote on those accountability measures?

    Most voters will don't believe ALL politicians from all parties, we are cynical.

    Liberals supported the deficit spending including the Liberals until Sudbury Sept declaration.

    The Liberals have in fact demanded more and faster spending so it is not consistent or fair to expect voters to buy the Liberal newest trial balloon outrage.

    Oversized cheques Props vs Door Knob Prop.

    The AG will certainly find some mistakes on those 4700+ projects.

    I wish the MI Liberals were genuinely more worried about wasted taxpayers dollars and debated the auto bailout of $ 10 Billion.

    Instead they voted against the home renovation credit recently. I am not buying mixed message of protecting the taxpayer meme.

  11. Well then I apologize for being hateful. At the start of the first week Harper was in office, I thought, o well he won, he can't get to his real agenda, but maybe some of this Preston Manning Democratic reforms will be good for the country, and by the end of the week he was as sleazy as Brian Mulroney and he's gone down hill since. Sorry but the Con has gone on long enough.

  12. Jerry, you, of course, have every right to have such a low opinion of Stephen Harper. But I suggest yours is the minority view as for years now national poll after poll shows the PM ahead of all party leaders (federal) as best choice to be PM.

    I'll back the majority view this time.

    Thanks for taking the time to express your views on my blog.

  13. I sent this email to Tom Clark today.

    Can't you get it through your head Tom that each province and territory provides its' own health care and has the necessary manpower and delivery systems to do so. They have been doing this and it has been happening this way for years and for you to create some bureaucratic system to deliver H1N1 vaccine is totally absurd. Stick to trying to run a nonpartisan show Power Play and leave mechanics of providing flu shots to the experts.