Monday, October 26, 2009

Liberal and NDP disingenuousness

The giveaway that the federal Liberal and NDP opposition parties are being disingenuous is when they decry the fairness of the distribution of stimulus money to federal ridings across Canada, but seldom, if ever, question the validity of the projects themselves.

They know only too well that Canadians of every political stripe are being helped and are benefitting from these projects, regardless of the political ridings they are in.

Even despite Ontario’s Liberal deputy premier George Smitherman’s attempt to set the record straight, Ottawa Grits bleat on trying to discredit a government that has so ably charted a difficult course through the troubled waters of this past recession.

Canada’s record on the past recession is second to none. Who can name one country that has done better? Canada stands as a model to the world and all the Grits can do is use half-truths and misinformation to belittle everything Stephen Harper has done. Of course, opposition parties are supposed to oppose—that’s their job. But is it their job to disparage everything good the government does to shake Canadians’ confidence in the country?

And what about news agencies like the CTV network? Is it their job to parrot every negative charge regardless of its veracity? That network has been all too quick to provide Liberal MPs with a soapbox from which to preach their negativity, while all the while cheering them on.

Don’t TV news services have any responsibility to dig out or verify information themselves? Have they no responsibility to inform Canadians?

On the weekend, one of their “stars” Tom Clark of Power Play was prattling on about how little money the federal government was spending to advertise the H1N1 vaccination information. Why not one of those full-page newspaper ads, he asked on Sunday’s Question Period.

Well, I ask Tom Clark, why not do your job and inform Canadians about the vaccine? The information is available. My family is not confused, we got the information. So can CTV. For heavens sake, CTV, pass on readily available and verified information instead of relying entirely on what political operatives and opposition MPs feed you.

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  1. Wonderful read - and so true!. The opposition is to oppose - that is what Tom Clarke's show has become, a liberal oppostion party show and now maybe after two weeks of saying that the stimulus money was not be divided equally.... and pushing his little stimulusgate - he will push that the information about H1N1 is not getting out there... anything he can do to bash the Conservative Government.... I refuse now to turn him on - don't give him any positive ratings.... maybe CTV will start making him report the facts- not twist the facts for his liberal party!. I also refuse to watch Question Period with Jane and Oliver bashing the Conservative Party as well.... If everyone would - maybe we would get a bit of facts instead of this Conservative bashing all the time... PM Harper was right, even though he was kidding - watch Fox - that's what I do as well!

  2. isn't it a little, ok, a lot disingenuous to say that a man whose government relies on the federal gov for money is the one "setting the record straight" when multiple, independent news org's, including canwest, all have done studies that show the unfairness of EAP distribution?

  3. What is disingenuous is to believe every other Liberal MPs view, but question the one MPP's motive who happens to hold an opposite view. Funny that.

  4. I tend to believe the MULTIPLE INDEPENDENT studies that have been done