Friday, October 16, 2009

Is Warren Kinsella part of CTV’s research department?

A big “thank you” goes to Blogging Tories’ Stephen Taylor for reminding us about the great Liberal scams of the Jean Chrétien years in Ottawa. Given the feeding frenzy in the mainstream media over the practice of political parties taking credit for government actions, one might hope some investigative reporter might have done some research into the practice instead of simply providing a Liberal soapbox for the likes of Warren Kinsella.

The National Post reported yesterday [Feb. 19, 2000] that Peter Donolo, the prime minister’s [Liberal Jean Chrétien] former director of communications, created and ran a well-oiled public relations campaign to ensure that Liberals—ministers and MPs—took maximum credit for job creation grants across the country.

Job creation money is at the centre of accusations that Human Resources grants were mismanaged and improperly used as a slush fund to win votes and reward loyalists.

- Stephen Taylor’s blog

Back in 2000, the National Post quoted then PM Chrétien as saying:

“Listen, we are the government … I don’t see why we can’t try to get credit for what we do. I hope we do so. There is nothing to be ashamed in that.”

Wow, Grits, your former leader said MPs should not be ashamed of trying to get the most partisan political benefit from disbursing federal grants. So what’s all the fuss about?

Of course, few if any Canadians would look to Jean Chrétien for advice on ethics or morality. He was wrong then just as the Tory MPs are wrong now for their recent practice of associating the Conservative party logo with public handouts.

But it’s the gall of the Liberal MPs that I find even more distasteful. These representatives of the very political party that was responsible for two of the most egregious assaults on the public purse: the Sponsorship Scandal and the Human Resources Development Canada boondoggle earlier this century. These weasels, who have been unable to connect with the Canadian public in any meaningful way, heap scorn on the governing party to take the spotlight away from their floundering, inept leader, sometimes-Canadian Michael Ignatieff.

Whenever Liberals slip up, TV shows like CTV’s Question Period and Power Play are all too quick to dig through achieves to find something equivalent that Tories have done. That’s how they condone Liberal misbehaviour.

But when Conservatives slip up, these programs invite the likes of Warren Kinsella to tell us what big bad boys and girls all Tories are. I guess that Warren Kinsella is a fair substitute to original thought and research over at CTV.

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  1. Conservative MSM is needed in Canada. (real conservative)

  2. I watched Power Play yesterday and John Ibbitson almost gave Craig Oliver a nudge and a wink when he agreed with Tom Clark who had just spoke of the "cheap and tawdry" way in which the cheques were being distributed. Clark went on to almost gleefully mention that this might be the thin edge of the wedge between the Conservatives and their supporters. Just like when Joe Volpe paid for a dollar muffin with his government expense account when the Liberals were in power.
    Maybe that's going a little over-board there Tommy boy. If memory serves me the Volpe incident came in the midst of a Liberal scandal involving huge funds being missing and his little muffin was,for many people,the last straw.
    Where are all the real reporters??
    Not the ones who play 'gotcha' politics and simply regurgitate what the liberals spew forth but the ones who would go out looking for the 'rest of the story'.
    Who takes the opposite view when you have a trio of Liberal hacks and two opposition members ganging up on a government rep?
    Why is it that I only hear of quotes by Jean Chretien on Tory blogs?

  3. Warren K attemps to make a mountain out of a mole hill once again and fails.

  4. "That’s how they condone Liberal misbehaviour."

    Now that's a very good point.

    Canadian Press reported on Friday, Oct 16, 2009:
    On another ethical front Friday, a non-partisan group asked the ethics, lobbyist and elections commissioners to investigate a fundraiser organized for Tory MP Rick Dykstra.
    Democracy Watch said Dykstra hosted 60 “friends” last month in the owner’s box at Toronto’s Roger’s Centre for a Blue Jays baseball game. The donors got tickets to the game, access to the owner’s suite, food and drinks, an opportunity to attend batting practice and meetings with unidentified federal cabinet ministers and Blue Jays players.
    The group wants to know what, if anything, Dykstra or the party paid for the various perks – particularly the owner’s box which can’t be rented and is only used with permission of owner Rogers Communications Inc., a company which lobbies the federal government.