Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Free speech warriors go to Ottawa

We are very fortunate to have knowledgeable courageous individuals like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant to lead the charge to have Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act abolished and with it the whole human rights apparatus that threatens to smother free expression in Canada.

These individuals went to Ottawa yesterday to testify at the House Standing Committee on Justice’s hearing on Section 13. They were shining beacons of light in that place of cloudy, muddled thinking where pomposity and political correctness is offered as a fair substitute for intellectual discourse.

When you watch the videos of the hearings (see Ezra Levant’s blog) you will see what I mean. After all that has been reported and written about Section 13, including the personal behaviour of the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s chair, Jennifer Lynch, you’d think there would be more action by our government—or for that matter opposition MPs.

Our elected representatives, with a few notable exceptions, are cowards on this one. They want to dodge their legislative responsibility and leave the matter up to our courts to remedy this egregious law. They are the legislators, not the courts. It is to them that Canadians look to fix this. But good luck with that.

Think about it folks: we have a commission that is supposed to be there to protect us and which believes that truth is not a defence and that incitement to contempt can be equated to incitement to violence.

Ujjal Dosanjh—who was argumentative and taunted the witnesses—and Joe Comartin were especially pompous. Clearly, the stars of the show were Levant and Steyn and they made the sitting members seem posturing, light-weight and ineffectual if not totally inept. Stephen Woodworth was one who seemed to “get it” but in a wishy washy sort of way. And the contributions of Brent Rathgeber were minimal and bordered on trivial at times.

Watch the videos and decide for yourselves.

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