Friday, October 2, 2009

For some Grits, Tory grass is greener

The popular blog, An­gry in the Great White North, points out that one of Don Martin’s recent columns refers to “at least one prominent MP has quietly mused to me [Don Martin] about crossing the floor to join the Conservatives.” Frankly, this does not surprise me at all.

My guess is they are several Grits who privately or less so muse about crossing the floor to the Tories. Consider these facts:

  • To many Grits, Michael Ignatieff is a party outsider who until very recently didn’t even live in Canada. He’s not really one of “them.”
  • During the 2006 leadership convention, 70 per cent of the Liberal delegates voted against Ignatieff on the first ballot. And not a single one of the six other contenders supported Ignatieff when they were eliminated from the ballot or dropped out of the race.
  • Prominent Grits hate to be in opposition. Jean Chrétien quit politics in 1986 rather than sit in opposition and only returned when he won the leadership of the party.
  • Prominent socialists like Gerard Kennedy and Bob Rae threaten to shift their party to the left to the point where differences with the NDP become blurred. Many in the Liberal caucus feel more comfortable at the political centre—currently occupied by the Tories. They share the Tories’ distaste for socialism.

Life within the Liberal caucus is uncertain. A rift has developed and who knows who’ll be at the helm a year from now. For some, a more certain future lies with the Conservatives.

Floor-crossings are one of the consequences of loosing power in Ottawa, and we’re about due for one.

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  1. I was once a Liberal long ago, but the party left me. I'd love to see a few Liberals cross the floor for the same reason.

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