Thursday, October 29, 2009

EKOS poll quantifies size of Donolo’s job

The latest EKOS research poll brings into sharp focus the size and degree of difficulty of the job in which Peter Donolo now finds himself. Michael Ignatieff and his former chief of staff, Ian Davey, could not have dug the Liberal Party of Canada a deeper hole had they deliberately set out to do so.

Could Davey and Ignatieff have been secret conservatives … no, no, not possible. Still …

The recent poll—last week’s results in brackets—has the Tories at 38.4 per cent (38.3 per cent) of those surveyed, the Liberals at 26.8 per cent (27.1 per cent) and the NDP at 16.7 per cent (14.5 per cent). For the Tories and the Grits, there is little change from last week’s survey, but the NDP are up a couple of points.

EKOS also asked poll participants if any of the leaders “should be removed immediately as the leader of their respective party.” Jack Layton fared best with 51 per cent saying he should remain compared to 45 per cent for Prime Minister Stephen Harper—40 per cent say he should be replaced.

The really bad news is for the Grits: only 31 per cent felt Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff should stay on as leader of their party and a whopping 46 per cent said he should go.

This is the second EKOS poll in a row to show that Canadians are not buying the silliness the Liberals have been feeding the news networks who dutifully pass it on to Canadians at large disguised as real news.

Peter Donolo has got to convince his boss that schoolyard antics and taunts will not convince Canadians to vote for his party. Where is the adult conversation we were told we need to have?

The poll included 3,220 respondents between Oct. 21 and Oct. 27. The margin of error is plus or minus 1.7 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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  1. How is this different from the official poll results on October 14, 2008?

    The MOE 1-2%

    Liberals did not like their last leader either.

    12 months later we are at same place. Canadians think Liberals still stink.