Saturday, October 10, 2009

Despite the bleats of the Grits, the Tories are obviously doing a great job

The Associated Press reports that, in September, Canada’s unemployment rate fell to 8.4 per cent and the country added 30,600 jobs. This is in sharp contrast to our largest trading partner, the United States, where last week its government said employers cut 263,000 jobs in September and its unemployment rate was at 9.8 percent.

After the 30,000 jobs created here last month, this marks the second consecutive month of growth in employment, and despite our obvious economic dependency on the United States, we have an unemployment rate that’s a point and a half lower.

Naysayers will, of course, question the quality of the jobs that were created. Statistics Canada, however, said 91,600 full-time jobs were added in September, offsetting the 61,000 loss in part-time employment. And September’s full-time increase is the largest since May 2006.

Once again we see tangible evidence that Canada is weathering the worldwide economic storm better than most. But despite the mounting evidence that this is a fact, Michael Ignatieff and his Liberal spin doctors continue to paint a bleak picture of the Canadian situation and promise to replace Stephen Harper and his Tories at their earliest opportunity.

Disingenuousness reigns supreme among moribund Grits. Virtually leaderless, they cling to outdated claims that they are a national party capable of forming an effective government.

One rogue element within the party has offered a private members’ bill that favours newly-arrived seniors (three-year residency) over Canadians who have lived here 10 years or longer, and has defied directives from the ineffectual Michael Ignatieff to not support the bill.

At the same time, the more mainstream socialist arm of the Liberal party is asking Canadians to offer refugee status to Americans and others who cowardly desert their armed services rather than fight for their country as they volunteered to do. These so-called Iraq war resisters could, of course, claim conscientious objector status and face the consequences in their own country. As one TV pundit mused aloud: are there enough jobs at the CBC to employ all these “war resisters?”

Thursday’s EKOS poll offers more confirmation that not only is Stephen Harper and the Grits doing a great job, but Canadians across our country recognize that fact in increasing numbers. The Tories are ahead of the Grits in every region of the country and in all major cities except Montreal. They also lead among women, the university-educated and Canadians born abroad, all former strongholds of the Liberals.

I shudder to think where this country would now be had Stéphane Dion and his socialist and separatist buddies taken over the reins of power last fall. And on this Thanksgiving weekend, I give thanks for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada—long may they remain in office.

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