Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are senior Grits “spinning” out of control

There surely must be a point beyond which politicians should not go in their efforts to “spin” their message to mislead and misinform Canadians. And surely as an MP Dr. Carolyn Bennett has a responsibility to all Canadians and not just to the Liberal Party. As reported elsewhere, Bennett has failed on both counts.

In a recent flyer, Bennett makes several spurious claims without a single scrap of evidence to back up any of them.

False claim number 1:

“As other countries work quickly to vaccinate vulnerable populations against H1N1 epidemic, the Harper Reform-Conservatives failed to secure supplies.”

What a mean bit of callus nonsense. Canada is a world leader in having secured more doses of the vaccine than there are Canadian residents and had them ready and available ahead of schedule. The richest most powerful nation on earth, the United States, has shortages, we don’t.

False claim number 2:

“When First Nations in northern Manitoba asked for help to prepare, the Conservatives’ answer was to ship them body bags. Not the kind of preventive help they had in mind.”

Falsehoods are no less egregious when they are lies of omission. What the Bennett flyer leaves out is that the bags were shipped because they were ordered by the Manitoba First Nations group in question. The government did not initiate the shipment of the bags gratuitously.

False claim number 3:

The flyer clearly implies that the Conservative government is responsible for the listeriosis outbreak that killed 22 people.

This is, of course, not so. Tens of thousands of Canadians died during the governments of Jean Chrétien, Pierre Trudeau and Lester Pearson of all manner of road accidents, wars and diseases. Should we label these former PMs and their governments as being responsible for those deaths? For that matter, hundreds died from all manner of health issues while Bennett was Minister of State for Public Health in the Paul Martin government, was she responsible for those deaths?

As a medical professional, Dr. Bennett knows better. Here’s a person who had not enough compassion to have voted in parliament to compensate the early victims of the tainted blood scandal.

Yes, she may have believed that everyone infected through the tainted blood supply should have been compensated. But when then-prime minister Jean Chrétien declared the vote a question of confidence in the government, she, along with several other Liberal MPs, threw their principles in the trash can and backed their morally bankrupt party while shedding tears. But then that’s what Liberals do.

This flyer is a disgraceful bit of political spin. Crocodile tears are not an adequate substitute for ethics and principle, Dr. Bennett. Shame on you!


  1. I find it ironic she can say that and the media make exscuses for her if that were a reform or alliance or even a Conservative they would beblack listed as the scary stephen harper. but because there liberals they can getaway with I think there is a double standard here.

  2. Fact 1 is correct in that at the time the vaccine was ordered (Aug), it was believed two doses were required per person. It wasn't until Sept that it was discovered 1 dose of the vaccine was enough to immunize a person.

    So at the time of the order, the number of does ordered were NOT enough for every single Canadian.

  3. Split hairs if you must, but it was (25 million) enough for every single Canadian likely to get the "two-dose" vaccine.

    The flyer was a shameful "spin" and expolitation of First Nations--just look at the little girl.

  4. She can't help it . . . she is by choice a Liberal, therefore terminally stupid.

  5. I certainly hope this Doctor is not treating patients any more. If she provided the same misinformation and outright false statements to them as she is to Canadians she would be in danger of a malpractice suit. It is truly astonishing that someone we trusted to treat our illnesses is such a shallow, self-serving and patently dishonest as she is proving to be.

  6. All politicians are lying, conniving, untrustworthy thugs with the same standards of morality as Al Capone and Bernie Madoff. The Liberals, however, are the most egregious.